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ScanMyPhotos $25,000 Emergency Grant to Digitize Photos For Virtual Memorial Services announced today a new campaign to help families affected by the pandemic by establishing a $25,000 emergency grant program to help subsidize the cost of preparing pictures for Zoom funerals.

$25,000 Photo Scanning GrantThe pandemic has accelerated the push toward digitizing photos to preserve the memories of those lost to Covid-19.

We had to do something. Forty percent of all photo scanning orders are now from grieving families preparing for Zoom funerals and memorial services for those lost to the pandemic. To help, we established a $25,000 grant which covers free photo scanning for those impacted by Covid-19. When placing an order for social media 72 dpi photo scanning, consumers can type “FreeScanning” as the promo code during checkout. They save $170. All add-on featured services are available at regular cost and include same-day scanning, instant uploading, extra 8GB custom thumb drives, color enhanced pictures, 600 dpi scanning, and more.

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While closely flowing the unprecedented tragedy–as more than 450,000 Americans have died due to the pandemic– we were moved by President Biden’s call for a national plan. Everyone must help, not just the government. Each company with the resources and those providing vital services must get involved. has established a $25,000 emergency grant to help cover the costs of digitizing photos for Zoom funerals. Families affected by the pandemic.

One of the heartbreaking and unexpected results as the coronavirus spread across the nation was how memorial services were conducted. Everything changed. Families began rushing to prepare online Zoom funerals for those lost to the pandemic.

There has been a rapid acceleration towards the digital transformation of family photos. A lifetime of memories needed to be discovered, collected and digitized to honor the lives lost.

At, where we have digitized 600 million pictures, everything changed. Early on, as the pandemic affected many, we encountered a rush for preserving photographs. Today, 40% of all photo preservation scanning projects are due to memorial services.

After assessing the demand to digitize photos for memorials, we learned something new. We had to scale our workflow to include same-day scanning and instant uploading of the completed work.


We created free scanning to help families affected by the pandemic. 40% of all orders are from grieving families preparing for Zoom memorial services. Start off with FREE* photo scanning today — Save $170. Order our most popular service, fill-the-box photo scanning. Each box holds about 1,800 pictures with free delivery.

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