What is the best photo scanning service?

The ScanMyPhotos Review

scanguy4 300x94 - What is the best photo scanning service?Each day we receive messages of appreciation for digitizing customers’ photos. Many are listed here, yet, it is unusual to have someone take so much time to personalize their entire experience.

Earning raves like this one below is the foundation for why we love what we have been doing for three decades.

I just wanted to say that this was not the first time I used ScanMyPhotos, but I looked around at all the options to see if I could find a better quality/price point.

After checking out several companies in a well-researched Top Five (yours was included), I ended up back with you again. I didn’t need fast service, I didn’t need to keep the photos in any order, and I had several sizes that were close in size but not the same size. With your service, I can bundle those that match together and they don’t all have to be exactly the same.

When I took the box to the postal service, I mentioned to the woman waiting on me that I had JUST found out that Costco offers this service and I didn’t even check them out as an option. I told her I probably could have saved some money and her reply was, “Oh well, you’re doing it this way. Just let it go.”

BUT…BEST PART EVER…coming back home, I investigated what Costco offers and found that their price-per-photo was significantly higher than yours, AND for that, they were offering no “Soap” color restoration service, AND they were only accepting a select number of sizes that needed to be exact.

Bottom line: I think your service is THE BEST and I am one happy customer. For quality and price, I wouldn’t think of using any other service.

Feel free to use this testimonial any way you wish.

Maggy D, Scottsdale, AZ

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