Best Way To Market and Promote Your Business

The #1 Top Marketing Technique to Grow Your Company

IMG 7233 300x106 - Best Way To Market and Promote Your BusinessThis is the age-old question for every business. Way back when we began in 1990, it was all about buying the biggest ad in the local Yellow Pages. Years later it was crafting an elevator pitch, collaborating, networking, creating buzz and of course asking for referrals.

Then came newspaper and radio advertising. Followed by buying top postings on Google, investing in Google Adwords and with Facebook paid placement.

All that has been eclipsed by a single strategy that is the cornerstone of our company. Stop. Pause. Evaluate and identify your story to package it in a very brief narrative. What is your sizzle, the secret sauce that sparks a reaction and gets emotional? It is all about having a unique selling proposition to make you stand out. Your story?

Our story is just four words in length: ONE CENT PHOTO SCANNING.

At we explore this question every day.  The answer and fuel to promote your business is all about reaching the media with something so brief and compelling that they instantly start typing and then publish.

After years of toil and testing, worked to innovate with a new way to digitize pictures that sparks immediate attention. This is how One Cent Photo Scanning was pioneered.

But whatever you decide is your unique selling proposition, make sure that it is not just ten times, but a hundred times better than anything else. And keep it as simple as this for having pictures digitized for a penny each. Make sure whatever you are promoting is a click away from placing the order and checking out.

If this was a cooking show, as the host reaches into the oven to pull out the finished entree, this is what they would show. The ScanMyPhotos story as revealed by the media.