The History of The World Through NY Times’ Pictures

Archiving Historic Photographs

The New York Times has more than a hundred years of pictures never seen before. This Google partnership with the NYT is providing help to archive a trove of historic pictures.

Google Cloud is helping the New York Times digitize millions of photos from its archive. Picture what the cloud can do.

Follow “Past Tense” as the NYT’s digitize about six million photo prints in their files — dating back more than 100 years — they are using those images to bring vivid narratives and compelling characters of the past to life. Click to follow the adventure through these historical pictures


Prior to the digitization, millions of photographs, along with tens of millions of historical news clippings, microfilm records and other archival materials, existed only in a physical archive three levels below ground near The Times headquarters in New York City called “The New York Times Archival Library,” also known as the “morgue.” Though The Times officially began clipping and saving articles in the 1870s, they were not formally codified into a library until 1907.

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