Photo Organizing with ScanMyPhotos, the Review

Photo Scanning Review

Amy Slenker-Smith, the organizer and unclutter expert who publishes Simply Enough, shares her project to digitize pictures and details how she handled it by using

Excerpt: Perhaps you have a pile that looks like this? Fear not, you can turn this into organized digital photo albums to share with friends and family.

Several years ago, I owned 12+ photo boxes. By sorting and purging, the very best photos went to a few archival quality albums. Thousands of pictures were thrown away….yes, in the trash. Even baby pictures and wedding photos!

Do you have a box of black and white family photos tucked away somewhere? Are you unsure of the people in them? Unfortunately, passed down photographs rarely include important details.

My Grandma Alice was a rare exception. She detailed information on photos and sorted them into envelopes for her kids. My cousins and I spent hours looking through them. What a gift she left us years later. Inspired by her efforts, I scanned the photos including this info and her handwriting as well.

If you prefer, use a Scanning Service such as ScanMyPhotos. I love this service. With my box of 1,800 photos, I had a great experience! I opted for “Scan in Order” which was well worth the additional cost to maintain the labels I created.