How to Put Together a 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Book

Using Photo Books to Chronicle a Lifetime of Family Memories

ScanMyPhotos customers send us boxes of family memories for photo scanning every day for numerous reasons, and we have been noticing a trend lately: More and more people are creating photo books to mark special occasions.

Mary with her parents in 1968.

Mary with her parents in 1968.

One of those customers is Mary Mitchell, who put together a 50th wedding anniversary album for her parents to chronicle their many happy years together. Unlike creating a photo book out of already-digital photos, Mary had to first get hundreds of photos digitized. Talk about a big project!

Of course, it was also a fun project. As Mary told me over the phone, “There was a trip that my parents took my brother and me on – I was 12 and he was 8 – to the Bahamas. Back then, it was the height of sophistication and elegance. Just looking at how young my parents looked – it was like holy cow, I can’t believe it was that long ago!”

Thinking about undertaking a similar project? Here is how Mary put together her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary photo book:

Get all of your family’s photos scanned, not just yours

First of all, Mary was surprised to find that you can’t just go to Ritz Photo for photo scanning. “I learned it’s pretty specialized,” she said. “I stumbled upon ScanMyPhotos, and it was serendipitous.”

She sent us four boxes of photos, starting with two pre-paid boxes (each of which holds about 1,800 photos) that contained her photos and her parent’s photos. Her brother had some photos Mary didn’t have, so she sent a smaller order, followed by another small order of photos she had forgotten about.

Set aside time to organize the photos

Organizing hundreds or thousands of photos is a huge task, which is why we try to make it a little easier for our customers. Our detailed packing tips and instructions take the guesswork out of organizing, which Mary told me she really appreciated. Plus, it is much easier to flip through printed photos and organize them into piles based on year, person, or event than it is to scroll through newly digitized photos trying to figure out what belongs in which folder.

Put together an outline of the photo book

Before Mary even started creating the photo book, she put together an outline and discovered that one photo book would actually be turning into six volumes! Good information to know before you start doing the layout.

Big hair alert! Mary with her parents in 1992.

Big hair alert! Mary with her parents in 1992.

Ask your kids to help (they’ll probably say yes)

Mary’s daughters, both in their 20s, pitched in to help, which turned into a fun bonding experience. “They have LOVED looking through the photos, howling with laughter,” Mary explained. “They love seeing me in the ‘80s with huge hair, and they are like, did you leave the house like that?! They helped me put things in order and structure the photo book, too.”

Find a photo book program that you love

Save yourself frustration by choosing a photo book program that you find easy to use. There are so many to pick from, including MixBook, and while reviews and recommendations can help steer you in the right direction, it helps to study several companies first.  Mary had used several different companies in the past, and she settled on Picaboo for this particular project.

Mary’s parents will be receiving the books for Christmas this year, and we can’t wait to hear what their reaction is! Have a story to share? Email us at [email protected]!

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