Best “Super Bowl” TV Commercials for 2018: Watch Here

Each year during the SuperBowl®, it is time to watch art in the making as advertisers create masterful campaigns. They are captivating and the trick is how to produce a mini-motion picture in one or two minutes.  The toughest campaigns are designing a message in just thirty seconds that captivate and draw not just your attention but motivating you to rush out to buy their products.

The Patriots will face the Eagles in the Super Bowl for a second time on Sunday, February 4.  Beyond being the single largest sporting event with huge viewership, it is all about the commercials too.  It is all about marketing and standing out to a billion-plus people. had wanted to advertise, but the big game cost of $5 million just to schedule a 30-second television ad is too rich for us. We would rather cut prices to digitize the world’s pictures and use word-of-mouth marketing, rather than a fleeting television commercial. In our case, we prefer scoring news stories that are more compelling and trustworthy..  Here are two examples.


This year, our favorite Super Bowl ad is the Coke Wonder Of Us diversity advertisement. What’s yours? #superbowl #advertising @coke Launches ‘A Coke for Everyone’ #Diversity

Coca-Cola | The Wonder of Us :60

Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Groupon 2018 Super Bowl Commercial | “Who Wouldn’t”. Groupon and Tiffany Haddish join forces to let you know how every time you use Groupon, you’re supporting local business. Who wouldn’t be into that?

Taps Super Bowl Commercial | & Stella Artois.

Pringles – Wow – Bill Hader – Super Bowl LII 52 TV Commercial 2018 (:30)


M&M’S Super Bowl Commercial 2018 (featuring Danny DeVito) – ‘Human’ :30

This is the Pepsi that’s forever fun. This is the Pepsi for every generation. Music: “Boogie Feet” by Kesha ft. Eagles of Death Metal

Lexus LS 500 F SPORT / Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Commercial—Full Length

Bud Light – The Bud Knight