Why Share Your Photos App Is the #1 Event Photo Sharing App

The innovative “SharePhotosApp” is the free and easy way to share photos and videos—this app is perfect for brides, event planners, moms or moms-to-be, socialites, team moms, PTO members, or more.  This free App collects photos from your event. Keeps your friends and family involved in capturing and uploading memories to see
a picture from every angle!

SYP 300x111 - Why Share Your Photos App Is the #1 Event Photo Sharing AppShare-Your-Photos, from the makers of Picture Keeper, is a FREE app that allows all party guests to easily and privately share photos from special events. Any occasion can benefit from this super-easy and free way to collect and share images. Use Share-Your-Photos to gather and distribute pictures from weddings, reunions, birthdays, school events, holiday parties, work functions, family vacations and more! Relive every moment from your events, from every angle!


  • Simply download the free app and register.
  • Create an “event” within the app and give it a
    unique event ID.
  • Invite wedding guests via email or text message
    and share your event ID with them.
  • (Don’t forget to invite people who couldn’t
    make it, so they can take part in the festivities too!)
  • Start viewing photos from guests, uploading
    your own, saving your favorites and creating
    prints to frame.

Why we think Share Your Photos is the top event photo sharing app and smart photo tips:


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