How Innovations in Technology Helped Build ScanMyPhotos

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Innovations in technology helped to propel his business, he says.  “I’d love to take credit and think it was something I thought of.  I was forced to rethink my business.  People stopped bringing in rolls of film.  I had to innovate to continue with my passion…. Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate because of technology.”  He gives a lot of credit to the many photo apps for sharing and storing digital images and to “Throwback Thursday,” because it’s popular to post old pictures electronically.

“It’s so much fun to go back to family events and holidays,” he said, but slides and analog (hard copy) photos are not easily shared and the history can be lost.  Photo sharing apps are only uploading recent pictures from smartphones, digital cameras and other digital media. solved that.  It’s kind of like magic to see how quickly your photos can be digitized.  Then can be shared with friends, relatives.”



Goldstone estimates there are 3 ½ trillion analog photos in the world.  His company scans and digitizes 300,000 photos a day, as many as 300 per minute per machine on equipment manufactured by Kodak. takes digital photos, 35mm slides, film negatives, VHS tapes, APS film cartridges, and 8, 16, and 35 mm films and turns them into digital files stored on DVDs or flash drives.  He suggests uploading the files to the cloud and purchasing extra flash drives for sharing with family members and keeping in a safe deposit box.


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