When a Genealogy Project Becomes a Life’s Mission

geneaology project

The oldest photo in Joyce’s collection–an 1860 photo of Lovie Elvira Winslow, born in New York in 1796.

ScanMyPhotos customer Joyce Harrington has an impressive photo collection that spans three centuries and about seven generations. She has the latest and greatest Mac, but even her brand new computer is at its capacity trying to store Joyce’s 25,000 photos. Yep, we said 25,000!


When asked if she had one special photo in her enormous collection, she replied, “They’re all special. All of them. They’re photos of my family from all over. Some of the pictures are very old. The oldest one is from the 1800s.”


The photo from the 1800s? It’s of Joyce’s great, great, great grandmother (pictured right), who is actually a decedent from the Mayflower. Talk about a picture with a ton of history!


“I’ve been immersed in scanning all my old photos for three years. I’m semi-retired and obsessed with the project. It’s important to get our history together and make the photos available to the family…the kids may not appreciate it now, but one day they might.”


So far, Joyce has sent one box of slides and five boxes of photos to ScanMyPhotos to be scanned.


geneaology project

What the ladies were wearing on the beach in 1905. Photo taken in Long Beach, CA

“ScanMyPhotos was very professional, very customer-service oriented, and very communicative. They gave me schedule and stuck to it. I really appreciated that they told you exactly what they were going to do, and they did it.”


Now with the photos she’s scanned in and digitally stored, Joyce is going through them all trying to sort and organize each photo by events and times.


“It’s difficult to put the names and faces together for friends and family. I’m still compiling, but the other piece of compiling these pictures is tagging and organizing them.


The amount of time and dedication Joyce has to making sure her family history is documented, organized, and shared is both commendable and impressive. She is no doubt making huge strides for the genealogy of her family (which she does document on Acentry.com), but she is also creating a way for her family’s legacy to live on in the eyes and hearts of younger generations.


geneaology project

Two of the faces in this photo belong to Joyce’s grandparents–who met in grammar school!

“ScanMyPhotos is a very trusted piece of this project. With the next few boxes I will have completed my greater family history, but I have things from the 80s and 90s, and then I also have all the photos I took over the years.”


As Joyce knows, it’s important to preserve these precious memories to save for years to come. If you’re ready to preserve your family’s history, start by sending us those old boxes of photos to be scanned.