Benefits of a Prepaid Photo Scanning Box

boxFree - Benefits of a Prepaid Photo Scanning BoxWhat’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to get all your old photos scanned? There’s a good chance it’s a prepaid scanning box.


There’s no question that scanning your old family photos is a great way to protect, preserve and share them. But it can be hard to know what the best way of getting them scanned is. These days there’s a new option: a prepaid scanning box. A prepaid box is a large shipping box that you order online; you fill it up with photos and send it to be scanned. You not only get back all the physical photos, you also get a DVD with the new digital versions.


So is a prepaid scanning box worth it? We think it is, and the benefits speak for themselves:


 Send as many photos as you can fit. This is by far the biggest draw of a prepaid scanning box. With most photo scanning services, the more photos you have the more you have to pay. This can get costly quickly. Not only that, it can be a pain—no one wants to go through mountains of old photos and count each one to estimate their scanning cost. With the prepaid box, which can hold about 1800 photos, you pay just one low fixed cost for the whole batch of $145. FREE 3-WAY S/H. Free shipping includes your returned digital media. If you want your pictures returned too, it’s $19.95 extra per box.scanning.


 Don’t worry about odd photo sizes. Similarly, some photo scanning services require that you sort photos based on their size. With the box this is not an issue. If it fits in the box it can be scanned. It’s easy and saves you time and effort.


 Sturdy, safe delivery. Just as attractive as the cost savings is the added level of protection for your photos. Whole putting photos in a padded envelope or document mailer can offer a certain amount of protection, there’s always that nervous moment as you drop them off at the post office wondering if they’ll be bent or damaged. A prepaid box is a sturdy, thick-walled cardboard shipping box—it will resist bending and crushing and make it to its destination safely.


 Options to meet your needs. While the default prepaid scanning box offers basic 150, or 300 DPI scans on a DVD, other options can be added on easily. Do you need your photos in high-res 600 DPI? Do you need them all scanned in the exact order they were received? Or maybe you need an extra DVD for family members or prefer a thumb drive. All of these options can be customized to meet your needs.


Have you used a prepaid scanning box?