HuffPost Mentions Forbes Review

image 1313431175 - HuffPost Mentions Forbes ReviewOne of our best resources is regularly reading the Huffington Post, especially its “News and Trends for Small Business Column. This issue of the HuffPost Digital Marketing Mailbag, written by contributor Sajeel Qureshi (Vice President of Operations at Computan, a digital-marketing and software company)answered our question and challenge.


Excerpt. Welcome to another edition of the Digital Marketing Mailbag! Thank you to everyone that asked a question and some will be used in future columns as well. Feel free to submit questions for future mailings! “Forbes reviewed our product. How do we draw attention from new customers to it?”   Mitch Goldstone — Impressive reviews Mitch! Reviews are good indirect sources of new business. These reviews bolster credibility for you if someone is looking to have photos scanned. Publish them on your Facebook page and boost the post for extra recognition. Twitter ads also allow you to pay for engagement when someone retweets you.

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