7 Reasons One ScanMyPhotos Customer Loves Us

Katie Colon family fishing

Katie Colon’s family fishing during one of their many camping trips

How many family photos do you have scattered among photo albums, shoe boxes, storage boxes, and random envelopes? If you’re anything like most of our customers, that answer is, “A lot!”


Let me ask you one more question: Do you want to do a better job organizing and sharing those photos? Well, ScanMyPhotos customer Katie Colon was in the same boat as you until she used our photo scanning service to preserve 1,000 family photos.


During a recent phone conversation from her home in St. Paul, MN, Katie shared the 7 reasons she loved working with ScanMyPhotos:


1. The price!


2. The convenience


I had been scanning photos, and it was super time consuming. It was wonderful to suddenly have a thousand pictures scanned that I didn’t have to do myself.


3. The reviews were spot-on


I did research reviews of different photo scanning places because I wanted to make sure ScanMyPhotos would be a good option – and I was really impressed by the reviews I saw.

Katie Colon family hiking

Katie Colon’s kids hiking during a family camping trip


4. The customer service was outstanding


You are sending photos that are your original copies – that is a pretty big deal to put it in a box. There’s a little bit of you that thinks, what if something happens to them? The fact that they sent me an email as soon as they arrived, and when they were starting the job, and sending the photos back – I knew every step of the way where it was in the process. To me, that was just a level of customer service that I didn’t expect but was really pleased by.


5. The quality


Of course, when the photos came back, the quality seemed really great – better than what I would have done.


6. The ability to tackle photo projects


Now I have a lot of projects in mind that I can finally do. I’ve been saying to myself for years, when my kids graduate from college, it would be great to put together a book for them, but who has the time to scan all the photos from the time they were born to when they graduated from college?


7. The ability to share the photos with family


I sent photos in of all my kids and our family camping trips, so I am excited to do a book that’s all of our camping trips. Honestly, I probably would not have gotten to this in the next few years. I have been saying I would do this for a few years, and now that I have all those photos on a disc, I think about how I could do go in and select them and create a book online in a day.


It’s really a gift to be able to have that service and have it done so well.


Thanks for sharing your story Katie! Do you have a ScanMyPhotos story to share? Send us a note here.