B&H Takes Photo, Video, and ProAudio Shopping And Education To A Whole New Level

Photographic equipmentAt ScanMyPhotos.com, we take photo scanning and restoration seriously. After all, preserving a lifetime of memories is a really special and rather unique job, though of course taking those photos that capture the memories is the most important job. If you still use a camera for that purpose, you might want to check out B&H Photo, Video, and ProAudio.

Known as The Professional’s Source, B&H is probably this country’s premier photo and video store. Even if you live nowhere near their flagship store in New York City, it is a resource worth becoming familiar with if you are interested in the art and science of photography.

I first learned about B&H from my brother-in-law, an amateur photographer who has been honing his craft – and upgrading his equipment – for years. He swears by them, and he always makes it a point to hit the store when he’s in New York.

Besides their mind-bogglingly huge inventory of equipment (60,000 plus!), one of the reasons my brother-in-law – and most people – shop at B&H is due to their extraordinary level of knowledge and customer service.

When you shop at their store, you get to touch and, as they say, play with everything before you buy it. Questions are encouraged – their employees have extensive knowledge of equipment, technology, and techniques for a reason.

The same “ask us anything” attitude is carried through if you are shopping online or calling them on the phone. How many other retailers want you to pepper them with questions? It’s great!

Now, if you do go their store, you’ll have the shopping experience of a lifetime. Instead of wandering around with your purchases, everything you pick out will be placed on their unique conveyor belt system and sent to the front of the store, where you can pick it up when you’re ready to check out. It’s probably the coolest, most thoughtful systems ever (not to mention a great way to cut down on theft).

Of course, we can’t all visit B&H in person. Luckily, their website provides almost as great an experience as their store. You’ll find professional reviews, user reviews, and buying guides, plus solutions and tips in several categories: photography, video, audio, computers, home entertainment, and portable entertainment. Want to know how to capture your pet’s personality in a photograph? You can read about it here (and view some adorable photos too).

If you have any questions about photo or video equipment, contact B&H. If you have any questions about photo scanning, preservation, or restoration, contact us!