New Life for Old Memories" (via Money Magazine)

moneymag 20090401 - New Life for Old Memories" (via Money Magazine) [repost]

Just days after being profiled in “the world’s largest circulation consumer magazine,” AARP Magazine, was back for more. Check out the April issue of “Money Magazine,” [page 48, “New Life for Old Memories“]. Columnist Adam Bluestein wrote on “[t]he smartest ways to digitize your photos, home movies, and more.”


Those videos of your kids pushing birthday cake into each other’s faces – you’ll watch them again, right? Maybe not. Videotape can start to degrade in as little as a decade, says Sarah Stauderman, preservation manager at the Smithsonian Institution. Home-movie reels, photos, and slides aren’t immortal either. And if they’re not in a format that’s easy to use, no one is going to see them.

The solution: Turn your old-media images digital. Once you stow them on DVDs, you’ll be able to view them on your computer or TV whenever – not to mention easily foist them on others. Follow our smart strategies and you can say to those college friends who post embarrassing pix of you on Facebook: Revenge is at hand.

To digitize photo prints:

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