Companies keep employees motivated in tough times (via OC Reg)

Excerpt from Jan Norman, Orange County Register, September 26, 2009 article.

Mitch Goldstone and Carl Berman, co-owners of Irvine-based, continually look for unusual ways to thank employees. During the summer they took the entire staff by limousine to a surprise dinner at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach. Soon they will close the business for three days and take the staff for a luxury visit to Las Vegas. They’ll stay in a luxury suite and go to top shows. is a Web-based service that converts pictures to digital format.

“It’s important to come up with special ways to let employees know that they are our most valued asset,” Goldstone says. “Employees are family to us. They are so highly motivated to do great work. There’s no way we could do this business. I can’t afford not to reward them.”

The result of such staff recognition is that the company has no
turnover and sales have continued to climb despite the recession, he