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Scan in Order

Starting at $88 per box
IMPORTANT: The quantity ordered for White Glove Services MUST match the quantity of boxes ordered.

Need your photos scanned in a specific order? Group them with rubber bands denoting the order to be scanned and our technicians will then scan your photos in that order. SCAN IN ORDER OPTION EXPLAINED: Choose this additional option if (a) you have bundled your photos into categories and they must be kept together, even if they are all the same size or (b) your entire order is not grouped by size; putting your small bundles in size order does not constitute grouping your order by size. We recommend that you include index cards with handwritten notes describing the category or year, as pictured. The number in the top right corner tells us the order in which to scan. If the bundle order is not important, we do not need the number there. We do not offer reorganize your photos in chronological order. We either follow the number in the corner or scan in random group order when no number is present. The index card will be scanned along with the pictures and will be the first image in each series of photos. DO NOT use Post-it notes (they will be either scanned on the image or thrown away) or scraps of paper (they will jam in our scanner and be thrown away). While selecting this option does override the need to organize your entire order in size order, it does not override taking all of your photos out of envelopes or having the photos in some sort of orderly fashion.