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Digital services for; Photos, 8mm/16mm Movie Film, Slides, Negatives, and VHS Digitize Your Pictures Your Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words. We Agree! Get ready to stroll down memory lane as we lovingly transform your family's cherished photos into digital gems. Once they're digitized, you'll have the convenience of keeping them right on your smartphone and sharing them effortlessly on your favorite photo-sharing platforms. Since 1990, we've preserved a billion photos, making us your trusted partner. And now, exciting news - a new Associated Press (AP) article on why customers chose ScanMyPhotos was published in 400+ media outlets! Photo Scanning Photos Shop Now Slide Scanning Slides Shop Now Negative Scanning Negatives Shop Now 8mm/16mm Movie Film and VHS Transfer Movies Shop Now Photos Restoration Restoration Shop Now Canada Photo Scanning Canada Shop Now

Digitizing Photos / Videos FAQs

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What is a digitizing photos / photo scanning service?

ScanMyPhotos has preserved one billion pictures to help protect a lifetime of family nostalgia to share and archive for more than three decades.

How to digitize your old photos? Get them scanned. ScanMyPhotos offers the best photo scanning service in the industry with discounted pricing, same-day turnaround options, and instant uploading.

What is a video transfer service?

If you have old VHS or 8mm reels that you’d like to digitize, you need to find a service that knows how to transfer these memories in a way that will preserve the integrity of your video tapes and all you to preserve them digitally. Discover’s VHS and film transferring services.

Among the top ScanMyPhotos services include:

Let’s get started. It’s super-easy to protect your memories by preserving your collection of photos, negatives, slides, VHS, 8mm/16mm movie film, and more.