Is Snap (Snapchat) Poised to Disappear?

snapchatOn March 2, Snap Inc., the parent company of the widely popular Snapchat app, closed their first day of public trading up 44%.

Since then, however, things have gone downhill.

After its first full week on the stock market, SNAP stock was down 18.5%. This week is also seeing a downward trend, now nearing $19 a share..

Not only is the company off to a rocky start in the stock market, but it’s posted year-over-year losses for 2015 and 2016—and it’s forecasted to do the same at the end of this year as well.

So, is the company with an estimated $25 billion valuation destined to go the way of Napster, Atari and Compaq? While it’s too early to tell if Snapchat will pull a complete disappearing act, the company certainly has some choppy waters ahead.

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#1 Missing Content for Snap to Monetize on Snapchat are 3.5 Trillion Analog Photos

Post Snap IPO, we share these observations on their missing pictures opportunity

As Snap [SnapChat] evolved from a phone app for disappearing pictures into a “camera company,” they are missing a big market that’s quickly disappearing as generations of analog photographs fade away from the ravages of time.

The Problem with Snap: While sharing life’s moments, most are recent pictures from smartphones, yet they are missing 3 1/2 trillion decades-past, still analog photo snapshots.

ScanMyPhotos logo - #1 Missing Content for Snap to Monetize on Snapchat are 3.5 Trillion Analog Photos has professionally digitized more than 300 million photos

The Snap Solution: To enhance the Snap experience and help them better monetize its content, has identified a simple way to boost engagement while gaining an entirely new older demographic for them, as we digitize the world’s photos.   Think outside the box. Study how more content can be uploaded to Snap, Twitter, Instagram, Google Photos, Facebook and the rest of the popular photo-sharing apps. We provide digitized pictures which are then uploaded, and indirectly yield enhanced revenues for them as more pages are viewed and available to post advertisements on. The definition of “win-win.’

So, how does ScanMyPhotos professionally digitize 300,000 pictures every day? Check this out:



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