How to Keep Digital Photos Safe in the Cloud

How to Keep Your Digital Photos Safe in the CloudThe recent celebrity photo-hacking incidents have brought up serious concerns about cloud storage security, and it has sparked more than its fair share of debate, but there’s still one big question left burning: Just how safe is it to use cloud services to store your photos and other digital assets?


Though our specialty is scanning photos, all of us here at ScanMyPhotos use digital cameras just like you, and we regularly upload and store digital photos in the cloud. We also take great pride in the level of security and privacy we offer our clients, so we’d like to help ease the concerns about digital storage by shedding some light on cloud security.


To put things into context, it helps to think of the cloud the same way you would think of your house. A house sitting alone on a hill with the doors wide open is an easy target for thieves. If you want to make sure no one breaks into your home, you’ll need to add layers of security, like installing locks, setting up a burglar alarm or maybe even adopting a large dog.

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