How To Engage Your Customers Through Contests For Personable Billboards

Marketing is about exposing your business for brand identity and consumer awareness. You need engagement and what better way than to run a contest. Not only will you engage with your existing customers and followers, but you will gain new followers. There are many methods of holding contests since there are so many social media outlets.

So why are Contests So Effective?


People love sharing. Be it a tweet on Twitter, a like on Facebook, or a repin on Pinterest, it’s the easiest way for them to say, look what I’ve found today. This is less effort on your behalf and free additional marketing. It’s human nature to be competitive and want to win, to be praised, and rewarded. The combination is how you can easily attract contestants. Usually you are able to collect information and feedback on those entering the contest. This is great information to turn into further marketing efforts to gain more customers.
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