5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Never Forget

mother's day giftsMom deserves the best. She’s always been there for you when you needed her most, and she continues to be your biggest cheerleader. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to think about how to make her feel special and loved. Since the best Mother’s Day gifts are often the ones that bring us back to our favorite memories, we’ve created a list of personalized ideas that are sure to please.


Celebrate mom in a way she’ll think about for years to come. Take a look below for our five ideas for sentimental and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts:

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Forbes: ScanMyPhotos.com “Worth Every Penny”

Having digitized more than one-quarter billion analog photos is a weighty endeavor, but something equally as celebratory just happened.  If you are a longtime fan of ScanMyPhotos.com, you have followed the media profiles explaining how we help preserve generations of photo snapshots. Here is our newest media profile from Forbes’ contributor Tony Bradley, who covers trends and new technologies that impact real people.   Excerpt:

There are services, now, that take the pain out of that process. I wrote about ScanMyPhotos.com last year. You load all of your print photos in a box and ship them off to ScanMyPhotos. A week or two later, you get all of your print photos back along with a DVD and/or USB thumb drive containing all of the scanned images. The service wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny, in my opinion. Now ScanMyPhotos.com is offering a very affordable package that makes it a virtual no-brainer. I guarantee that you won’t regret the investment if your house burns down and all of your print photographs are turned to ash.  Do yourself a favor. Get out all of your photo albums and shoeboxes filled with print photographs and get them scanned. Then you can do your part to contribute to the storage economy, and share your old memories with the world every #TbT to fuel social media.

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