Ad Blocking Biggest Threat to Journalism Since McCarthyism

Throughout the years, as staunch pro-business and consumer activists, occasionally something gets us steaming passionate.  Today, it is about Ad blocking software.


What is the difference between spreading fear to influence and circumscribe conversation, and hiding the instruments in which the media uses to keep the lights on?


Not much.


The new ad blocking software, to conceal content, is a threat analogous to what the photo industry faced, where an ochered-size of disruptive events lead to widespread turmoil as film transitioned to digital.


Along with other products, the new Apple iOS 9 operating system installs advertisement blocking tools for iPhone users. This is similar to fast-forwarding television programs on your DVR to skip the ads. But, worse. Rather than seeing commercials flash by, each advertisement is vaporized. You will never see ads displayed on web sites.


What is at stake?


The business model for media outlets are mostly revenues from advertisements. All those blocked marketing messages equates to jobs and vital content being lost. Sure, not seeing ads is nice, but there is a real cost. Without revenues, your favorite media outlets and other web sites – powered by ad revenues – will vanish, just like the sponsored messages.


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