When disaster strikes!

Precious memories last forever. Unfortunately, photographs do not. Photographs capture a moment of time to keep those memories alive, using a fragile blend of organic materials and modern technology. But as you’ve learned in the Photo Restoration Handbook, no matter how careful you are, it is practically inevitable that some of your cherished photographs will eventually fall into disrepair.

What’s In a Photo?

The nature of photographic prints has changed often since the advent of popular photography in the mid-nineteenth century. Still, any kind of photographic print is nothing more than a collection of minerals and chemicals that react to light. Any number of factors can cause your images to fade, discolor, stain, crack, peel or fall apart.

When Holly Brooks found the heirloom photo her mother had loaned to her in the bottom drawer of the hall cabinet, snapped in half, she couldn’t hold back the tears. Mounted on a type of cardstock that had grown brittle with time, it was the only image of her grandmother as a little girl, posing with all her cousins. At first, she wanted to take it out on the kids. But instead, she decided to ask for help.

Photo Restoration: Digital Technology Changes the Rules

Holly was relieved to find that her image could not only be patched back together, but also restored to its original luster; not the original photograph, mind you, but a digital image. An image that would last a lifetime. An image that could be printed over and over.

Using digital technology, experienced photo restoration artists work not with the original photo but with a digital copy. They use advanced software to fix whatever may be wrong with it. The final image can be burned on a CD or printed on an archival printer as a photograph. That means it will last a lifetime, probably even longer than the original.

When Holly saw the outcome of her photograph, she cried again. This time they were tears of joy. It was so beautiful she ordered copies for her mother, her brothers and sisters, and her grandmother’s youngest sister, the only surviving person in that photograph.

Worth Every Penny

If disaster strikes your cherished photographs, whether it is in the form of flood, fire, professional movers, ultraviolet rays, or two-year-old daughters, there may be hope. New photo restoration technology has made it affordable to restore your priceless photos.

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