Divorce: Deciding Who Keeps the Pictures is Easy and Inexpensive with Scanmyphotos

(Irvine, CA) November 19, 2005 — The only thing inexpensive and amiable about a marital split is who gets to keep the memories pictured on photographs. The in-laws, “out-laws” and everyone in the family can now easily get copies and archived digital CDs and DVDs of all their photos.

Scanmyphotos.com – a division of 30 Minute Photos Etc. – has created a national service for instantly scanning everyone’s photographs.

Pay just [12¢ per photo] to instantly have [your] professionally scanned photos preserved on high resolution (300 DPI, 1-1.5 MB) digital files. Reprints and duplicate photo enlargements printed on real Kodak-quality photographic paper is just as fast. While you wait.

Although this service is available to everyone with shoeboxes of generations of family photos, it is especially useful for people undergoing the daunting challenges of divorce where nothing seems easy, or inexpensive.

Over the past 15-years, 30 Minute Photos Etc. has handled all types of photographic work assignments. Often the most challenging are from divorced couples who want to each get copies of their once treasured memories. The pursuit of copying so many photos once was prohibitively expensive and emotionally straining. But, thanks to a new high-speed commercial scanner and software from the Eastman Kodak Company, super-fast, high quality scans are easy to produce. It is as simple as having the attorneys mail in the photos to ShoeboxReprints.com and have it back the next business day.

30 Minute Photos Etc., founded in 1990, is regularly featured by the national media. Represented by the legal firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP ( www.RKMC.com ), earlier this year the photo retailer became the first lead plaintiff and class representative in the multi-billion dollar antitrust litigation against Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and other major banks over their credit card interchange price-fixing. More info is available on The Credit Card Interchange Report – WayTooHigh.com which is co-edited by company founders, Carl Berman and Mitch Goldstone. Website: .

Article originally published on Yahoo! News, link no longer available