How to Stay in Business for 30 Years, Revealed

Founded in 1990, this is our story to share how to stay in business for 30 years and prepare for your next chapters.

This report shares how persevered to reach these milestones over the past thirty years in business.

Home to digitizing the nation's photo memoriesDo you know how professional poker players never reveal their cards? It is the same strategy in business. Yet, during our nation’s public health crisis and economic collapse, explaining the ingredients for our success is shared to help many during these difficult times.

I hope these ingredients for how we sustained our good fortune over the past three decades is inspirational.

A Quick Read of Key Tips to Sustain Your Business:

The overriding path towards achieving this milestone is that our employees are like athletes — always sprinting and striving. They also work WITH us, not for us. Everyone is respected and celebrated. Our diversity of people and ideas matters most.

Business is all about taking risks to get stuff done. It requires discipline, intellectual rigor, and trusting your staff.

When you build a great company, the media also notices, and that is how all these reviews and news profiles occurred.

We manage a swarm team to identify at least one new photo innovation to introduce every week. Practicing the reserve strategy of “fire, ready, helps to quickly launch and ask questions later.

Being the first to market with precision matters most. That is how we pioneered the entire bulk photo scanning category. This includes one-cent photo scanning, and “InstaMedia,” so pictures are immediately uploaded to customers as orders are digitized.

1990 < 2020. Join in the celebration. For our 30 years in business anniversary event, we created this new 30% discount with you in mind. PROMO CODE: “Anniversary30”. CLICK FOR INSTANT ACCESS

ScanMyPhotos Turns 30 years old

EVERY employee is celebrated and encouraged to make contributions, no matter how crazy the suggestion maybe.

We encourage brainstorming and community sharing, where no idea is discounted without analysis.

Practice steadfast determination and diligence to overcome challenges. During the public health pandemic, we identified a surge in orders for families rushing to preserve pictures for online memorial services. This led to a massive shift from the traditional reason people wanted photo snapshots scanned; previously, reunions, anniversaries, and family celebrations — to safeguard memories – were the primary reasons. Today, 40% of all orders are for families preparing pictures for those lost to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Once safe, why we must get back on airplanes for ‘economic patriotism’

Rather than ‘touching glass’ all day to read about the devastation and financial toll from the coronavirus. Once it is safe to travel, it is essential to get back on airplanes, cruise ships. To help the reeling nation recover by supporting the vulnerable travel industry and all its employees.

I just read that  American Airlines is cutting 19,000 jobs when federal aid expires in October. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has triggered an unimaginable drop in air travel.

Support the airlines and travel again, once we get the "all-clear"Lessons from a prior national calamity. As a native New Yorker, like every American, I wanted to do something to support the City rebuild after 9/11.

Along with my business partner, Carl Berman, we spent two months organizing a national campaign to get people to New York City for November 11, 2001, two months after the attacks. Our group was founded in Irvine, CA, and called: “EPICC: Economic Patriotism Irvine and Coast to Coast.”

There were risks for the unknown. Could there be another attack? When outside the New York Stock Exchange, there actually was a near threat from another attack.

Support the airlines and travelAs the nation and world are under a medical attack from the coronavirus, we are again faced with a challenge.

From airlines to cruise ships, we are all impacted. After all public concerts, conventions, and large gatherings were canceled the economy was hit hard. An example is January’s giant tech tradeshow, CES, which will be virtual this year. Think of the economic damage to exhibitors, the city of Las Vegas, and airlines?.

As an act of economic patriotism, we will be scheduling flights to cities most affected, to support them and spend money, once there is an all-clear to support communities. If you have the resources, please consider how you can also help.

Follow along for updates.

Mitch Goldstone, CEO,

We have a large archive of photographs and news profiles from the November 11, 2001 [Veteran’s Day] campaign to support New York’s recovery. The below are a sampling from the library and all images copyright protected.

For updates, sign up for free newsfeeds and added information from

wtc 4 300x200 - Once safe, why we must get back on airplanes for 'economic patriotism'

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1990 < 2020. Join in the celebration. For our 30 years in business anniversary event, we created this new 30% discount with you in mind. PROMO CODE: “Anniversary30”.

twitterDM 300x252 - SAVE 30% TO CELEBRATE SCANMYPHOTOS' 30th ANNIVERSARYThe 30% discount is good for almost everything. Valid towards most services, excluding pay-per-scan, Family Generation Collection, eGift certificates, applicable sales tax, etc.

At the checkout, use the “Anniversary30” promo code. If it works for your order, you will see an immediate discount.

Hurry. This sale will expire without notice once it is oversubscribed. Cannot be applied to prior orders, and please enter “Annivesary30” promo code at checkout, as it cannot be retroactively afterward.

Thanks for your years of support. We are grateful!

We want to hear from you. For all your photo scanning projects, if you have questions, we have answers. Reach us with this instant direct message Twitter reply.

twitterDM 2 169x300 - Ask Away. Any Photo Digitization Questions?

We are here to help.

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4 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day Scan My Photos Offer

Give Your Grandparents the Gift of Photo Scanning on Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day is just around the corner, falling on Sunday, September 13th this year.


To celebrate we pulled together some fun facts that you might not know about the holiday. We’re also topping them all off with one general fact about grandparents that may help you give them the best gift ever.

Sign up for free news updates and photo tips, plus discounts to save on digitizing pictures.

When it comes to Grandparents Day, did you know…


  1. There’s an official song. The U.S. has an official Grandparents Day song called A Song for Grandma and Grandpa, by Johnny Prill. We wouldn’t expect anything less for the two people who always make sure the grandkids have plenty of hugs, candy, and fun.
  2. There’s also an official flower. Forget-Me-Nots are the officially recognized flower for Grandparents Day. While the flowers’ namesake is a nice sentiment, there’s one small issue—Forget-Me-Nots typically bloom in the spring, but the holiday happens in the fall. Not to worry though, Grams and Gramps will be more than happy to receive any type of flower that’s in season. It is, after all, the thought that counts.
  3. This U.S. holiday is almost 40 years old. President Carter designated the first Grandparents Day on September 10, 1978. His goal was to encourage all citizens to plan activities that will recognize the many contributions grandparents have made to our lives. Pretty sweet, huh?
  4. The holiday always lands on the Sunday after Labor Day. This nifty little fact makes the holiday a bit easier to remember. Combine this factoid with the official flower, and it should now be a breeze to remember when Grandparents Day happens each year.

From Huffington Post: “35 Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Grandparents
Whether in a simple conversation or a legacy video, asking these questions can teach you a lot about your family history and your grandparents’ life.” By Brittany Wong.

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Stuck at Home? More ‘Bust the Boredom’ Projects

Welcome to ScanMyPhotos. We share news, tips, commentary and loads of other very topical information here and on Twitter. Each day we post more than 50 times. Click to see why so many are following and engaging with us on TwitterScanMyPhotos is open with uninterrupted service for all online ordering only

19 Stuck At Home activities designed to bust the boredom. Millions of people are now at home and looking for activities beyond hours of watching Netflix, television and streaming programs.

stuckathome 300x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' ProjectsWhen the Associated Press filed this report, “What Now? Facing Life Without the Entertainment World,” and mentioned our photo scanning service to help many complete long-overlooked projects we got an idea.

If you are stuck at home, what are other tasks and projects to keep busy?

art1 200x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects We are compiling and adding to this list of projects and activities if you are #WFH (working from home), #SFH (studying from home), or just stuck at home to remedy cabin fever.  Join in as we are seeking your input for other ideas.

For everyone at home, rather than just watching Netflix, spend time with your family. Uncover all your decades of nostalgic snapshots and view your own pictures after digitizes all. To help, we added one-cent photo scanning (10,000 pictures digitized this fast) for as low as $100, same-day scanning, and instant uploading add-ons to quickly view your memories as soon as it is scanned.


We are also working to lessen the burden on the U.S. Postal Service and other delivery carriers. We highly recommend you select instant uploading so your pictures are returned online once digitized. We will mail your photos back afterward, once it is safe to do so.

art2 233x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' ProjectsFor families stuck at home, this photo archivist project should also be shared with distant relatives and friends to laugh, get emotional — celebrate your history as a distraction from the news. At, 78% of all online photo scanning orders are now due to families stuck at home yearning to complete long procrastinated projects.


19 fun projects to pass the time if you are stuck at home due to the Coronavirus

art4 300x200 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects

  • Get artsy and paint a family portrait.
  • Call your parents and relatives to catch up and check-in.
  • Reach out to seniors and grandparents, Do not forget about them! Here is a fun, easy to do activity as we are stuck at home. Gather your photographs, have them scanned, get on “Zoom” to narrate the stories of your life with your family. Host daily “cyber” dinner parties with your entire family (and friends far away). Watch this video to install Zoom and everyone invited. This virtual party s simple to produce. Remember the Edward R. Murrow “See It Now” documentary series broadcast by CBS from 1951 to 1958? With Zoom web conferencing, your family can each host a “See it Now” evening activity. Use your camera and Zoom app to go on an adventure. Show off the nostalgia in your home and explain each moment and memory. What background are you using for Zoom #StayAtHome meetings? Try this. Display the thousands of photos we digitized for you as a slideshow in the background on your TV. Show off all your nostalgia during today’s family #Zoom get-together.
  • Go low-tech. Break out board games and host a tournament.
  • Take a virtual online tour of local and international museums.
  • Gather all your decades-past photo albums and shoeboxes of family snapshots to digitize and share. Have everyone narrate and write a blurb about the stories behind those memorable pictures.
  • Have everyone surf and share their favorite TikTok short-form mobile videos and YouTubes.

art5 300x200 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects

  • Unpack the fine china and create an in-home dinner party. Get the whole family involved. Design menus and all the trapping from a fine- dining experience to prepare unusual appetizers, ethnic entrée meals, and bake a cake for dessert.
  • For the young ones, open up the Arts & Crafts draw. Grab crayons, glitter, scissors, and paint with them.
  • Destress with an in-home workout. Check out do-it-yourself home exercise routines on YouTube
  • Have a fancy picnic in your living room by supporting local restaurants and use their online take-out ordering service.
  • Order online books and find a new podcast series to pass the time. And because you may have a bookshelf, what were you storing those for anyway? Crack open an old book to read.
  • Go online. Take a hard pass from Amazon to buy local and support your neighbors. TIP BIG!
  • Revisit old handwritten letters and yearbooks.
  • Clean out your freezer and refrigerator from all those way-post-expiration items (what were those anyway?
  • Engage in long procrastinated home organizing and uncluttering projects. Start slow with one cabinet or room at a time.
  • Host a family indoor “camp out” with board games, and s’mores. Have everyone select a spooky story from surfing online.
  • Clean out your garage and closets and donate to local charities
  • Organize and discard all that old technology and those long-obsolete cords from your appliance cabinet.

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What to do rather than traveling? Digitize pictures

Rather than flying here are project to complete The popular travel news site, Your Mileage May Vary wrote on five things to do instead of making travel plans.


Digitize Those Old Pictures

I’m sure you have a box of old pictures (or slides) around the house. I have boxes with over 100 slide cubes and envelopes of pictures in my garage. I know that I’ll never have the time to convert them to digital myself, so I pay a company to do it for me.



Not flying, scan your travel photosFor my photo and slide scanning needs, I use


If you want to get their best prices, be sure to sign up for their email list. Once or twice a year, they offer slide conversions at 40 to 50% off, and that’s when I buy two or three boxes. They also offer specials on photo scanning, so be on the lookout.

Read more

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‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos Interview

Delays at the USPS are affecting millions of businesses and every consumer.

usps7 300x192 - ‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos InterviewAs many of you know about our decades of consumer activism and passion for using our voice as a platform for change. Recently, we became aware of intentional delays at the U.S. Postal Service.

Every e-commerce business, millions of companies have one thing in common, logistics. How to get your goods to market? USPS is our lifeline and that’s why we are speaking up.

Follow along as we post updates to this story. We joined Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers to discuss our open letter to President Trump as the USPS struggles to stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic. WATCH THE INTERVIEW.

‘We see it here every day’: How a slowdown in the Postal Service is impacting small businesses,” reported by Ben Werschkul, DC Producer, Yahoo Finance.

How Postal Service cutbacks have left small businesses hurting,” reported by Samantha Masunaga, Los Angeles Times.

uspssave 300x245 - ‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos Interview


Excerpt: ScanMyPhotos began in 1990 and quickly developed a close relationship with its local post office in Irvine, Calif. “They are the reason we have this company,” co-founder Mitch Goldstone said an interview with Yahoo Finance. The company, which digitizes physical photos, says it has digitized and sent 600 million pictures back to customers. But in recent weeks, Goldstone has seen an array of problems as new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has begun to implement operational changes that are slowing deliveries. “We see it here every day and we get it in the customer service phone calls,” Goldstone said.


OPEN LETTER: Mr. Trump, Intentional Delays to USPS Deliveries May Force Millions of Businesses to Close

“Gratitude: Actor and social activist Danny Glover recorded a public service announcement expressing gratitude to Postal Workers.”

Thank you to Senator Elizabeth Waren for sharing and tweeting our Yahoo Finance article.

The ScanMyPhotos Story: 

Mike Hardeman, better known by most of you as “Rocky Mountain Mike,” is the hilarious song parody guy from the Stephanie Miller Show.

twitterDM 2 169x300 - ‘USPS is a service and is essential’: Yahoo Finance, ScanMyPhotos Interview

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