Small Businesses Unite to Aid Federal Workers Amid Government Shutdown Crisis

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Small Businesses United in Support of Federal Heroes During Shutdown Crisis


Small Businesses Unite to Aid Federal Workers Amid Government Shutdown Crisis

QUICK READ: With the U.S. government shutdown and running out of funding, federal agencies are bracing to place hundreds of thousands of workers on unpaid furlough until funding is restored. In times of crisis, small businesses can make a significant impact. The “Small Businesses United” campaign is designed to engage and support federal government workers during a U.S. government shutdown. ScanMyPhotos, a family-focused company that digitizes the history of family photos, is leading this campaign to show its care and commitment to helping families affected by the shutdown.

Small Businesses Unite to Aid Federal Workers Amid Government Shutdown CrisisIrvine, CA (September 30, 2023). This campaign showcases small businesses’ dedication to helping federal workers and their families. Key components of the initiative include the creation of campaign hashtags (#SmallBusinessesUnited, #SupportingFederalWorkers, and #GovernmentShutdownRelief) to encourage engagement and sharing, as well as the sharing of stories and profiles of federal workers affected by the shutdown, highlighting their resilience and dedication.

Additionally, participating companies will offer exclusive discounts and payment deferrals to federal workers during the shutdown and will create limited-time promotional codes for federal workers to redeem on their websites. has gone even further by implementing up to 50% discounts on all photo scanning services to federal workers using the promo code: ShutdownRelief.

Local restaurants and businesses are also encouraged to join the initiative by providing free meals or discounts to federal workers. Collaboration with local non-profits and community organizations is also crucial in distributing essential supplies to affected families.

ScanMyPhotos’ storied support of advocacy campaigns has demonstrated its commitment to socially responsible and community-driven business practices. One example was their in-person attendance at CES during the pandemic, which typically sees hundreds of thousands of tech attendees. This Digital Trends article profiles how we supported Las Vegas, commerce, and hotels faced with unimaginable financial turmoil when nobody showed up for CES.

Emphasizing empathy and unity during times of crisis, the “Small Businesses United” campaign showcases the power of small businesses to make a positive impact. By demonstrating care for federal workers and their families, ScanMyPhotos is mobilizing the community of companies to support those in need during a government shutdown.

BACKGROUND: is a pioneer in digitally archiving photographs and other media. Since 1990, the company has preserved one billion pictures and is a long-time advocate supporting important causes. | 7 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606