PetaPixel Photo Scanning Review

Have a ton of old prints lying around but not enough time or energy to scan them? Since 1990, Southern California-based has helped customers scan over 250 million physical prints. As digitizing old family photos is catching on as a trend, the company’s most popular service is something it pioneered: the USPS prepaid box deal.

It’s a flat rate option for scanning large quantities of photos. Pack as many photos as you can into it, send it in, and receive digital versions of every photo.

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Background: Founded in 2009, PetaPixel has quickly become a leading news source for photography-enthusiasts around the world. PetaPixel reaches a tech-savvy audience that’s passionate about photography, including a large number of influential journalists and professional photographers.

  • 12,500,000+ pageviews per month
  • 5,600,000+ unique visitors per month
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In case you did not know, the “peta” in PetaPixel is the prefix that denotes 1015, just as the “mega” in megapixel denotes 106.