No Super Bowl and Winter Olympics TV Ads From

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Irvine, CA – joins innovative marketing veterans such as PepsiCo Soft Drinks, General Motors and FedEx; all have chosen not to take out expensive Super Bowl ads. In the case of, the international online photo imaging and scanning company will instead concentrate on connecting directly with potential customers through social media channels. announced it would not premiere any television spots during either Super Bowl XLIV, which airs on CBS Sunday, Feb. 7 from Miami, or the Winter Olympic Games. NBC’s broadcast of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver begins on February 12.

Since the retail and online photo imaging company’s approach is super affordable prices, there simply is no media budget available to position the message and build its brand for super-fast photo scanning during these two mega-events.

“While it is every entrepreneur’s dream to leverage its brand and get in front of the massive Super Bowl and Olympic Games’ audiences, we simply can’t afford to shift our strategy from super affordable photo scanning to invest in these leading sporting events. By not spending millions of dollars on these ads, we are able to retain our price of $64 to scan 1,000 photos and our most popular fill-the-box prepaid scanning service [includes free S&H to scan upwards of 2,000 photos for just $149.95]. We don’t want to pass the bill onto our customers. Instead of television commercials, will use social media sites to engage the nation’s picture-takers. We will continue using social media and our blog to provide photo deals and photo tips. The savings by not advertising on the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics are returned to our customers through transparent and super-low prices,” explained Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO,