How to Take the Ultimate Instagram Food Photo

instagram food photoThere are many reasons to love Instagram, and for us, finding food inspiration is at the top of the list. But taking an amazing food photo isn’t as easy as it looks. Whether you’re sharing your latest recipe creation or trying to spread the word on a new restaurant in town, posting a gorgeous image is essential.


If you want to know exactly how to take like-worthy Instagram food photos, keep reading. These food photography tips are sure to get your posts more love. 

Lighting is everything


There’s nothing appetizing about a dark, grainy food pic. To set the stage for the best shot, find a source of natural light by setting up by a window or taking things outdoors. If the day is too bright, place a sheer curtain over the window, or find some shade to diffuse the light.


Whenever possible, steer clear of artificial light. Try to take food pics during daylight hours and avoid using the flash at all costs. 


Get thoughtful about set up


After lighting, the composition is the next important factor in capturing a mouth-watering image. Play around with utensil placement, the dish’s ingredients, or anything else you want to include in the shot. You can also add flowers and pretty linens in the frame to bring food photos to life. Don’t be afraid to get messy either— take a bite of the cookie, leave a forkful of pasta on a plate and leave that sprinkling of crumbs on the plate. These small, messy details can sometimes take your food photo to the next level.


Ask for help


Turn your dining companions into your partners in crime. Have them hold or display their drinks while you take the shot for added movement.


Don’t have enough light? Ask friends to use their iPhone light to illuminate the dish so you can turn your flash off.


Use a camera instead of your iPhone


If you’re serious about elevating your food photography, you may want to think about using a camera instead of your iPhone for Instagram. Most professional food bloggers fill their feed with images taken with a digital camera. The manual settings give you more control over lighting. Plus, you’ll end up with a high-res image.


But keep in mind, you’ll need to upload the photo to your computer and email it to yourself in order to post on Instagram.   


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6 Easy Ways to Take Your Food Photos from “Eh” to “Wow”

Food photos, taking better picturesWith more and more filters – and filtering apps – making their way onto our smart phones, it’s getting easier and more fun to take beautiful photos of food. Whether you like to shoot your own mouthwatering kitchen creations, raw ingredients at the farmer’s market, gorgeously plated meals in restaurants, or all of the above, here are some photo tips from a top food stylist that will take your photos from “eh” to “wow:”

Get the lighting right


We covered lighting extensively in a previous blog post, and many of those tips apply to food as well:

  1. Use natural light from a window when you can

  3. If possible, shut off bright overhead lights

  5. Low light? Because the flash on your phone will ruin the photo, skip it. Alternatively, ask a friend to turn on his flashlight app to illuminate the dish while you snap the photo.

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