Super-Fast Photo Scanning

It doesn’t get any easier or inexpensive than this. Our pay-one-price flat rate prepaid fill-the-box service is winning raves, and repeat customer orders from across the country.

This is the reason why most orders receives are generated from referrals. Most people have generations of family photos stacked in shoeboxes, not hundreds, but thousands of photo memories. You can visit the headquarters, or mail us your photos; the fee is just $79.50 to scan up to 1,000 pictures. All requirements for preparing your photos are listed here. Our Option #2 service is international and has several extra features. Click here for more info.

This Option #1 box holds about 2,000 standard 4×6″ pictures. For complete info on how to order and prepare your photos for our flat-rate, pay just $184 fee, order here. When you buy two boxes, the third is free (must choose three boxes when ordering). This means we can scan about 6,000 4×6″ pictures for just $299.90. No tax for orders outside California and valid only for domestic U.S. orders. Super-fast- super-easy and we return your photos and the DVD data disc on the same day it is received. Your prepaid boxes is also mailed out the same business day it is received. We are super-fast and super-efficient. That’s how we have been operating our business since 1990. And, with super-careful service too.