Air Travel On Sept. 11 Called “Act of Patriotism,” by FLY WITH COURAGE National Campaign Founder

IRVINE, Calif.–Aug. 14, 2002

Can the strong patriotism of one person create a national trend?

Yes, insists Mitch Goldstone who is leading a national campaign encouraging people to fly on Sept. 11. His national grassroots campaign, FLY WITH COURAGE (, was initiated in response to recent reports indicating that many carriers are reeling from flight cancellations and worried passengers.

Goldstone and others will intentionally be passengers on international flights from Europe to New York City to Los Angeles on Sept. 11. “This act of patriotism, defiance, courage and remembrance has already triggered strong emotions,” remarked Goldstone. “Recently, after explaining FLY WITH COURAGE to an airline reservationist, she tearfully expressed her personal appreciation for our show of support.”

As chairman of the Community Services Commission in Irvine and a local business owner, Goldstone has a long history of civic activism. In response to the horrors of Sept. 11, he led a national effort which brought 5,000 people from 23 states to New York over Veteran’s Day to support the fragile airlines’ recovery and commerce in the beleaguered city. National media coverage of EPICC: Economic Patriotism in Irvine and Coast to Coast ( included a personal letter from then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and letters from most state governors.

EPICC also distributed 10 free round-trip tickets to Irvine school teachers to join and share their experiences with students. An additional 100 airline tickets were distributed to all 50 state governors to be given to the person and guest within each state who best exemplified the spirit of recovery.

FLY WITH COURAGE anticipates that the trepidations and anxieties gripping travelers will be transformed into a virtuous solution to support the airlines and global commerce.

“This campaign sets an example and is a powerful tool for boosting our nation’s resolve. It helps recognize that economic patriotism means supporting the airlines and commerce. We must pause to salute and remember, but also resolve to move on in the memory of those lost,” said Goldstone.

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