6 Easy Ways to Take Your Food Photos from “Eh” to “Wow”

Food photos, taking better picturesWith more and more filters – and filtering apps – making their way onto our smart phones, it’s getting easier and more fun to take beautiful photos of food. Whether you like to shoot your own mouthwatering kitchen creations, raw ingredients at the farmer’s market, gorgeously plated meals in restaurants, or all of the above, here are some photo tips from a top food stylist that will take your photos from “eh” to “wow:”

Get the lighting right


We covered lighting extensively in a previous blog post, and many of those tips apply to food as well:

  1. Use natural light from a window when you can

  3. If possible, shut off bright overhead lights

  5. Low light? Because the flash on your phone will ruin the photo, skip it. Alternatively, ask a friend to turn on his flashlight app to illuminate the dish while you snap the photo.

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