Southern Living: “Expert Tips for Organizing Old Photos”

Top Photo Organizing Tips: Southern Living Magazine profiles how to organize and digitize your old photo snapshots.

The experts at Southern Living Magazine shared these top tips to organize your old photos. Time to gather all your family snapshots to organize and share all. These expert tips will help get you started.

Written by Perri Ormont Blumberg, Senior Staff Writer at Meredith, these smart ideas will help inspire many to revisit and uncluttered their nostalgia photographs.

Excerpt: Expert Tips for Organizing All Your Old Photos

Spending so much time at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic has been hard, but one bright spot for people has been the downtime it’s afforded us to tackle long overdue household tasks. Some have finally painted that dresser with the teal paint that’s been sitting in the closet since last fall. Others have gotten their pantry organized like a Marie Kondo superstar. Many have taken to reminiscing over old family photos. Oh, have there been pictures!

IMG 1057 300x225 - Southern Living: "Expert Tips for Organizing Old Photos"Hire a service to scan your photos for you.

Services like will also do the brunt work for you in digitizing and organizing your memories, with their most popular offering being “fill-the-box” photo scanning, starting at $145 with free shipping to archive about 1,800 photos digitally. “Choose between 72 dpi resolution for social media sharing to 600 dpi resolution for the highest professional archival photo scanning,” advises Mitch Goldstone, CEO of

Now, dearest readers, if you’ll be so kind as to excuse us now, we’ve got a 1970 trip to Thailand to revisit. And piles and piles of pictures to get organized. Cue the 1940s swing music and let’s get started.

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What Are The Best Ways To Label Family Photos?

PEOPLE FINDER TIPS: How to identify and label family photos

Among the top questions we receive each day at is how to label scanned pictures? These people finder tips can help discover who are those long-gone relatives and people in your photo albums.

There are so many unidentified people peering out of those decades-past snapshots. They look familiar but who are they?

Tips to identify people in photos:

  • Start by flipping the photo over. Are there any notations on the back?
  • Use “Google Photos.” On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app .
    Tap Menu Settings Group similar faces.
    If you haven’t already, turn on Face grouping.
    Under “No face labeled as Me,” tap Choose.
    Select your face. Tap OK. This will automatically turn on “Allow contacts to recognize your face.”
  • Verge: “Google Photos has always been able to automatically recognize faces and sort them for you, which makes managing your library far easier than having to tag people manually. But the system misses faces sometimes, and there’s never been a way to correct it. Once this feature rolls out — and Google says it’s rolling out now — you’ll finally be able to add in many of the faces it’s been missing.”
  • Google Image Recognition creates an ideal tool for searching people in pictures. The tool scours the web for images that appear similar to the one you have uploaded.

Android Central: How to manually tag faces. Tagging faces is a great way to easily index your photos, but before, you needed to let Google do all of the work, with the only manual option being confirming automatic tags. Now, you can do the tagging yourself in just a few simple steps.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Edward Land and Polaroid

History of Edward Land and PolaroidWe are always inspired by professional landscaping photographer Todd Dominey and his educational vlogs. Todd’s newest profile showcases the extraordinary story of famed inventor Edward Land and how the Polaroid instant photography SX-70 camera was invented.

Follow Todd on Twitter and to learn more, visit his website. After watching the below vlog, click here for loads of past profiles.


△ Check out Todd’s gear:
△ Subscribe to Todd’s channel:
△ Follow Todd on Instagram:
△ Buy a print:

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Unique Father’s Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

fathersday 295x300 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Father’s day is coming up on June 21—are you racking your brain trying to figure out what to get dad for the big day?

Well, don’t sweat it, you have plenty of time! To help you get some great Father’s Day gift ideas for photography-loving dads, we pulled together some options for you to consider.

This year, instead of a tie or cologne, give Dad a personalized photo gift and make it a holiday to remember. Surprise him with his lifetime of pictures digitized at

eGiftCertificate - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

ScanMyPhotos.comE-Gift Card-Certificates are now available

The perfect gift so others can have their lifetime of photo memories digitally saved. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

Give an instant gift

fathersday2 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures You choose the amount from $25 to $500. Each is redeemable for our entire menu of online photo scanning services and products.


It takes a minute to order online and your recipients instantly receive an online secured access code and gift message from you via email.

Fathersday1 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Any questions, use our free Live Support help desk at Your recipients also have access to our free Live Support help desk. Remember, all photo scanning orders are completed and mailed back the same day.

BONUS: Sign up here for instant discounts and news updates from

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Best Covid-19 Public Service TV Commercials By Top Brands

scanmyphotos loves grandparents 300x169 - Best Covid-19 Public Service TV Commercials By Top BrandsMany companies are aiming for a message of explicit goodness, speaking to our sense of community and social responsibility during the COVID-19 emergency. We compiled a list of the best messages from companies across the nation.

Our list of the most emotional and smart advertisements by American businesses during the coronavirus emergency.

The Fine Print of Grubhub’s $100 Million Relief Program for Ailing Restaurants. Together we can help the restaurants we love. Right now, restaurants are facing a crisis and they need our help. That’s why we need everyone to order takeout or delivery to support your local restaurants:

Sam Adams Presents the Restaurant Strong Fund. The Greg Hill Foundation has teamed up with Samuel Adams to support those from the restaurant industry who have been impacted by the Covid-19 closures. Together, and with your help, we will be raising awareness and funds to provide grants to full-time restaurant workers who are dependent on wages plus tips to cover basic living expenses and provide for their families. To donate or apply for a grant, visit

Amazon TV Commercial, ‘Keeping Our Teams Safe’. Amazon says that right now, nothing is more important than safety, health and protecting its people as some of the safety measures its warehouses are taking are displayed. The online retailer thanks its employees for making it possible for others to stay home

Stay home if you can. And with drivers, delivery people, and restaurants, we’ll help move what matters.#StayHome #MoveWhatMatters. Thank You For Not Riding | Uber

Visit Las Vegas TV Commercial, ‘The Only Thing That Matters to Us Is … YOU’. Visit Las Vegas says there’s something more important than the shows, the hotels and the neon that lights up the Strip… and that thing is you. The city understands that it is difficult to travel in the wake of the novel coronavirus and encourages people to put their safety first in this unprecedented time. Visit Las Vegas wants travelers to know that when they are ready, it will be ready and better than ever.

#FoodserviceStrong. Adversity. See everything Sysco is doing to support our community and our customers.


Choose Contactless Delivery from Domino’s to get delicious pizza safely and conveniently.

U.S. Postal Service. This past commercial explains why the USPS is a vital part of America. As talk of disbanding the postal service rages, keep in mind there are 500,000 employees and they are keeping millions of businesses in business, like ours at ScanMyPhotos. The United States Post Office (USPO) was ordered by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775. Benjamin Franklin oversaw its creation as head of the department for a short while.

AD Council: You can help slow the spread of COVID-19. By practicing social distancing and limiting your interactions with others, you can help prevent coronavirus from spreading. But staying in doesn’t mean you have to be solo. We can be #AloneTogether. For more information, visit

Blue Shield of California. “The fight is tough, but so are you. Thank you, front line.”

“Google TV Commercial, ‘Thank You Healthcare Workers’. Google says that now more than ever before, people are using its search engine to find ways to help each other. The company gives thanks to healthcare workers for the sacrifices they have made to fight COVID-19 and encourages others to stay home.”

The Lincoln Project. Donald Trump’s failed presidency has left the nation weaker, sicker, and teetering on the verge of a new Great Depression. “There’s mourning in America.”


The Lincoln Project Founders:
George Conway:
Reed Galen:
Jennifer Horn:
Mike Madrid:
Steve Schmidt:
Ron Steslow:
John Weaver:
Rick Wilson:


We’ll Be Here | McDonald’s. We’re still here, at the Drive Thru, to take your order.

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#WorldBackupDay—Pledge to Keep Your Photos Safe

This page is not officially supported or endorsed by World Backup Day. For more information, visit

This page is not officially supported or endorsed by World Backup Day. For more information, visit

“The most expensive part of any computer is its data—are you backing up?”


The image and quote featured front and center in the recent TechRepublic article, World Backup Day: Best practices to backup your data, sends a message that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As you know, the gang here at ScanMyPhotos takes digital storage and backing up best practices very seriously—especially when it comes to the irreplaceable sentimental value of our photos and film.


That’s why we were very excited to see the hashtag #WorldBackupDay trending today.


The official #WorldBackupDay website clearly (and cleverly) explains the premise for the observance by stating, “Don’t be an April Fool. Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st.” This makes for an easy day for us to remember each year.


So, if you don’t want to lose any memories, data, important files, etc., take the #WorldBackupDay pledge and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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ScanMyPhotos Is Open For Online Photo Ordering and Fulfillment

ScanMyPhotos is open with uninterrupted service for ALL online ordering and fulfillment services


Hello ScanMyPhotos Community, had a longtime business interruption and continuity preparedness plan designed for wildfires and earthquakes. We never expected it would be necessary, yet that is where we are.

Protecting your pictures is our priority. Our staff is safe (our #1 priority), and all technology, digitization services, and communications are fully operational.

We pledge to continue providing services. Our most popular online ordering services are operational and with minimal delays. 

Photos delivererd to ScanMyPhotos from the USPSAt home unclutter and archival project:

1) Find all the photo albums
2) Get pictures digitized
3) Share those precious memories
4) Narrate the stories behind the photographs

This Photo Scanning Service More Than Delivers

In The News: Top ScanMyPhotos Profiles and Reviews

CNET: Memories in a shoebox: Digitizing old photos unlocks a flood of mixed emotions
Scanning old film camera photos as a coronavirus lockdown project does more than just safeguard memories, it also takes you on an emotional journey.

BONUS: Sign up here for instant discounts and news updates from

From everyone at ScanMyPhotos, we appreciate your orders and are here to help.

Please be well and be safe! Mitch Goldstone, CEO,

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Stuck at Home? More ‘Bust the Boredom’ Projects

Welcome to ScanMyPhotos. We share news, tips, commentary and loads of other very topical information here and on Twitter. Each day we post more than 50 times. Click to see why so many are following and engaging with us on TwitterScanMyPhotos is open with uninterrupted service for all online ordering only

19 Stuck At Home activities designed to bust the boredom. Millions of people are now at home and looking for activities beyond hours of watching Netflix, television and streaming programs.

stuckathome 300x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' ProjectsWhen the Associated Press filed this report, “What Now? Facing Life Without the Entertainment World,” and mentioned our photo scanning service to help many complete long-overlooked projects we got an idea. If you are stuck at home, what are other tasks and projects to keep busy?

art1 200x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects We are compiling and adding to this list of projects and activities if you are #WFH (working from home), #SFH (studying from home), or just stuck at home to remedy cabin fever.  Join in as we are seeking your input for other ideas.

For everyone at home, rather than just watching Netflix, spend time with your family. Uncover all your decades of nostalgic snapshots and view your own pictures after digitizes all. To help, we added one-cent photo scanning (10,000 pictures digitized this fast) for as low as $100, same-day scanning, and instant uploading add-ons to quickly view your memories as soon as it is scanned.

We are also working to lessen the burden on the U.S. Postal Service and other delivery carriers. We highly recommend you select instant uploading so your pictures are returned online once digitized. We will mail your photos back afterward, once it is safe to do so.

art2 233x300 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' ProjectsFor families stuck at home, this photo archivist project should also be shared with distant relatives and friends to laugh, get emotional — celebrate your history as a distraction from the news. At, 78% of all online photo scanning orders are now due to families stuck at home yearning to complete long procrastinated projects.

19 fun projects to pass the time if you are stuck at home due to the Coronavirus

art4 300x200 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects

  • Get artsy and paint a family portrait.
  • Call your parents and relatives to catch up and check-in.
  • Reach out to seniors and grandparents, Do not forget about them! Here is a fun, easy to do activity as we are stuck at home. Gather your photographs, have them scanned, get on “Zoom” to narrate the stories of your life with your family. Host daily “cyber” dinner parties with your entire family (and friends far away). Watch this video to install Zoom and everyone invited. This virtual party s simple to produce. Remember the Edward R. Murrow “See It Now” documentary series broadcast by CBS from 1951 to 1958? With Zoom web conferencing, your family can each host a “See it Now” evening activity. Use your camera and Zoom app to go on an adventure. Show off the nostalgia in your home and explain each moment and memory. What background are you using for Zoom #StayAtHome meetings? Try this. Display the thousands of photos we digitized for you as a slideshow in the background on your TV. Show off all your nostalgia during today’s family #Zoom get-together.
  • Go low-tech. Break out board games and host a tournament.
  • Take a virtual online tour of local and international museums.
  • Gather all your decades-past photo albums and shoeboxes of family snapshots to digitize and share. Have everyone narrate and write a blurb about the stories behind those memorable pictures.
  • Have everyone surf and share their favorite TikTok short-form mobile videos and YouTubes.

art5 300x200 - Stuck at Home? More 'Bust the Boredom' Projects

  • Unpack the fine china and create an in-home dinner party. Get the whole family involved. Design menus and all the trapping from a fine- dining experience to prepare unusual appetizers, ethnic entrée meals and bake a cake for dessert.
  • For the young ones, open up the Arts & Crafts draw. Grab crayons, glitter, scissors, and paint with them.
  • Destress with an in-home workout. Check out do-it-yourself home exercise routines on YouTube
  • Have a fancy picnic in your living room by supporting local restaurants and use their online take-out ordering service.
  • Order online books and find a new podcast series to pass the time. And because you may have a bookshelf, what were you storing those for anyway? Crack open an old book to read.
  • Go online. Take a hard pass from Amazon to buy local and support your neighbors. TIP BIG!
  • Revisit old handwritten letters and yearbooks.
  • Clean out your freezer and refrigerator from all those way-post-expiration items (what were those anyway?
  • Engage in long procrastinated home organizing and uncluttering projects. Start slow with one cabinet or room at a time.
  • Host a family indoor “camp out” with board games, and s’mores. Have everyone select a spooky story from surfing online.
  • Clean out your garage and closets and donate to local charities
  • Organize and discard all that old technology and those long-obsolete cords from your appliance cabinet.

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