Why Southern California walk-in photo scanning service at ScanMyPhotos is temporarily suspended

Southern California walk-in photo scanning service at ScanMyPhotos is temporarily suspended. Mail order only

In an abundance of caution, amid ongoing concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the governor’s guidance to avoid or slow the spread of the disease, we decided to temporarily close our Irvine, CA Customer Service Drop-Off Walk-In Center at ScanMyPhotos.

Due to the complexity and fluidity of the situation, the reopen date is subject to change.

smp30years 300x146 - Why Southern California walk-in photo scanning service at ScanMyPhotos is temporarily suspendedThere have been no reported cases of coronavirus at the ScanMyPhotos Customer Service Walk-In Center. This closure is not mandatory, but, instead, a social distancing measure.

We understand that due to emergencies, such as for memorial services and other highly time-sensitive reasons, you may require same-day scanning.

When possible, please order online and select Express Same-Day Scanning for each service. However, if you do have an urgent emergency, we will make our walk-in service available to you using our express online scheduling order desk linked here.

Follow this page for an announcement when the Walk-In Center reopens. In the meantime, we made ordering with Express Rush Service available as an add-on for all online orders.

Our online support desk is open to assist with any questions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to closely monitor the situation. Your safety, along with all our employees, is our priority.

Be safe,


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What to do rather than traveling? Digitize pictures

Rather than flying here are project to complete The popular travel news site, Your Mileage May Vary wrote on five things to do instead of making travel plans.


Digitize Those Old Pictures

I’m sure you have a box of old pictures (or slides) around the house. I have boxes with over 100 slide cubes and envelopes of pictures in my garage. I know that I’ll never have the time to convert them to digital myself, so I pay a company to do it for me.



Not flying, scan your travel photosFor my photo and slide scanning needs, I use ScanMyPhotos.com


If you want to get their best prices, be sure to sign up for their email list. Once or twice a year, they offer slide conversions at 40 to 50% off, and that’s when I buy two or three boxes. They also offer specials on photo scanning, so be on the lookout.

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Lost Photos? How to Recover Your Nostalgic Family Photo History?

Pictures are not just lost to natural disasters like these were, sometimes they just get overlooked. Lost Photos? How to Recover Your Nostalgic Family Photo History?

Tphotostack1 300x225 - Lost Photos? How to Recover Your Nostalgic Family Photo History?hanks to this human interest Washington Post feature by contributor Cathy Free, it is a lesson for everyone. “Stacks of portraits were abandoned when a photo company closed. A man brought them home and reunited families with their photos.”

Whether it is from a shuttered local portrait studio or boxes of pictures in your musty basement being lost to the ravages of time, each tells a story. The people in those pictures must be preserved, their history, adventures, and lives.

Excerpt on how pictures were reunited with their owners:

“My heart sank every time I looked at the pile,” said Bononi, 39. “I knew that those photos meant a lot to the people who were in them and that they’d be gone forever if I didn’t do something.”


Bononi could do his job and leave, and nobody would know he had come across the abandoned portraits, he said. Or he could try to reunite people with their photos.

pic5 300x200 - Lost Photos? How to Recover Your Nostalgic Family Photo History?At ScanMyPhotos, we hear similar stories each day from family archivists who are rediscovering their own history. The best tip is to gather, scan, save offsite and share those memories. To help, ScanMyPhotos.com created a concierge support desk for extra personalization and a new 50% discount for digitizing pictures.

Memories in a shoebox: Digitizing old photos unlocks a flood of mixed emotions — CNET

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Ancestry® TV and Digital Campaign “#MakeThemCount” Celebrates Women’s Suffrage Movement

Ancestry® TV and Digital Campaign “#MakeThemCount” Celebrates Women’s Suffrage Movement

Follow the Ancestry website for details on the “stories and milestones from the fight for women’s voting equality.”

Making Them Count: 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote. What did the ratification of the 19th Amendment mean to the story of women in America?

They Would Be Heard: How African American Women Mobilized for Voting Rights
African American women faced racial divisions within the suffrage movement. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores their fight to overcome obstacles to the ballot.

#MakeThemCount | Make Them Count | Ancestry®

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Once safe, why we must get back on airplanes for ‘economic patriotism’

Rather than ‘touching glass’ all day to read about the devastation and financial toll from the coronavirus. Once it is safe to travel, it is essential to get back on airplanes, cruise ships. To help the reeling nation recover by supporting the vulnerable travel industry and all its employees.

Support the airlines and travel again, once we get the "all-clear"As a native New Yorker, like every American, I wanted to do something to support the City rebuild after 9/11.

Along with my business partner, Carl Berman, we spent two months organizing a national campaign to get people to New York City for November 11, 2001, two months after the attacks. Our group was founded in Irvine, CA and called: “EPICC: Economic Patriotism Irvine and Coast to Coast.”

There were risks for the unknown. Could there be another attack? When outside the New York Stock Exchange, there actually was a near threat from another attack.

Support the airlines and travelAs the nation and world are under a medical attack from the coronavirus, we are again faced with a challenge. From airlines, countries like Italy and commerce, we are again all affected. After SXSW, the music and film festival in Austin was canceled, at first, we prepared for hosting satellite local networking gatherings for exhibitors to share their products, but faced opposition.

So, we did the next best thing by supporting Austin, TX, and are planning to travel there. As an act of economic patriotism, we will be scheduling flights to cities most affected, to support them and spend money, once there is an all-clear to support communities.

Follow along for updates.

Mitch Goldstone, CEO, ScanMyPhotos.com

We have a large archive of photographs and news profiles from the November 11, 2001 [Veteran’s Day] campaign to support New York’s recovery. The below are a sampling from the ScanMyPhotos.com library and all images copyright protected.

wtc 4 300x200 - Once safe, why we must get back on airplanes for 'economic patriotism'

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Celebrity Photos Revealed Series: Muhammad Ali’s Photographs (CBS Sunday Morning)

The Photographs of “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali’ private photographs revealed.

Where are your cherished family photos? Imagine if your history disappeared and was lost?

This CBS Sunday Morning “The public and private Muhammad Ali” feature by Tony Decoplia, produced by Mary Lou Teel, and edited by Chad Cardin is pure magic. A romp down memory lane as we get to see the champ’s historic photographs.

Watch the private moments and magic from “the greatest of all time,” Ali! Many of these pictures were never seen before.

From the CBS Sunday Morning website: “The book “Picture: Muhammad Ali” shows how photographers from the Louisville Courier-Journal, the boxer’s hometown newspaper, captured both public and private moments of “The Greatest.” Tony Dokoupil talks with the newspaper’s photographers who covered Ali throughout his career.”

My most significant Ali moment was as a spectator, watching live as Muhammad Ali illuminated the Olympic Flame at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games.

Over the years, ScanMYPhotos.com has digitized 600 million equally magical moments, but nothing quite like these:

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How to Save 50% to Digitize Your Pictures

Welcome, ScanMyPhotos designed this 50% discount for bulk photo scanning with you in mind. These are unimaginable times and we all must help each other. Be safe!

50% off photo scanning with free delivery.* Use promo code: “50OffScan” at checkout.

[UPDATE] Fortune, The Mercury News, AND Forbes Magazine are raving on ScanMyPhotos. The Associated Press mentioned our photo scanning service as a project to keep you busy while at home. For loads of other news and review profiles, click here. Next Avenue published another article mentioning.

50% Off + FREE Shipping* Today. ORDER HERE.

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stuckathome 300x300 - How to Save 50% to Digitize Your PicturesCLICK HERE to save 50% on our most popular fill-the-box photo scanning service (excluding any other scanning services, including the “Family Generation Collection,” eGift Certificates and “VIP Photo Scanning Package”).

It cannot be applied to prior orders. Applicable sales tax applies. 50% off includes most add-on extras and free S/H*.

Discount not valid towards applicable sales tax. Limit 12 boxes.  How to prepare your photos. Ends soon. Full details are posted on the order page. USE PROMO CODE: “50OffScan” at checkout. 

save50 300x165 - How to Save 50% to Digitize Your Pictures

Order now. No rush. You have 9 months [extended from 6 months] to return your pictures for scanning. Click for how to prepare your photos for scanning.

Details and Instant Ordering

 image000 970x978 - How to Save 50% to Digitize Your Pictures
Save 50% and get all your pictures digitized. Includes free S/H, save 50% on all add-on’s from 72 standard resolution – 600 dpi professional scanning, instant uploading, extra 8 GB custom flash drives, scan in order, concierge services, photo index albums, same-day scanning and more…

Memories in a shoebox: Digitizing old photos unlocks a flood of mixed emotions — CNET

We recommend selecting from this menu of other popular add-ons and you also save 50%:

  • UPGRADING to our very popular, industry-leading 600 DPI scanning offers an even more precise and finer-detailed scan; 
  • ALL NEW! In addition to your DVD, have us save your photos to an 8GB thumb drive for just $15.95; 
  • Extra DUPLICATE DVD data discs at a huge discount (order 8 or more and pay just $8.55 each); 
  • Have us ROTATE all your pictures upright; 
  • Order beautiful hard-cover bound PHOTO INDEX BOOKS with color thumbnails of all your photos; 
  • Order PHOTO SOAP to digitally upgrade and make your pictures sparkle and look like new. 
  • Have your pictures scanned in order otherwise it is archived in random order. Scan in Order
  • Express Same-Day Scanning;
  • Have your own concierge expert to seamlessly oversee your order, from start to finish. Elite-Concierge

IMG 1112 715x1024 - How to Save 50% to Digitize Your Pictures

BONUS: Sign up here for instant discounts and news updates from ScanMyPhotos.com

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How to Make Your Photos Last a Lifetime and More by Digitizing All

Prepare Now For Wildfires and Hurricanes Before Natural Disasters Wipeout Your Family History

Family photos are priceless. Like a memory, a photograph is a frozen moment, stolen from the grasp of time. A collection of photos is a visual history of your family, your friends, and your life.

Most of us cherish our photos. That’s why we keep them safely stored in the attic, the basement, under our beds or in a drawer. If we’re really ambitious, we put our favorites on display, either on the wall or in photo albums or scrapbooks. But are they really safe? As a photo restoration and photo retouching company, we deal with thousands of important photos that have been damaged due to a wide variety of unforeseen problems. Photo restoration is something to remedy problems that we’d all be better preventing.

If you read the previous article, “What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Your Photos,” you know some of a photograph’s natural enemies. Read on to find out where and how to store your photos.

Never miss a deal or news on photography. Subscribe to the ScanMyPhoto Journal today. It’s free.

propps1 300x194 - How to Make Your Photos Last a Lifetime and More by Digitizing All


Uninsulated attics and basements are the wrong answer. The extreme temperature and humidity swings in an attic will make your photographic paper crack, and the moisture of a basement is often off the relative humidity scale. In case of disaster, the basement is the first place that gets flooded, and the attic is bound to go up in smoke.

The key is to find a cool, dry area of your home that is protected from violent changes of temperature. The ideal climate for photos is below about 68° Fahrenheit and under 50% relative humidity.

If that sounds a bit like a safe-deposit box at your bank, you may be right. Especially for one-of-a-kind photos, there is no safer place. But it’s not a practical choice. Your photos will be safe if you store them in a cool, dry area of your home.


Most of us love to share our photos. We use them to decorate our homes, offices, and cars, or we put them in scrapbooks and photo albums that are easy to show off. But we need to be careful.

Before you hang that photo on the wall, make sure it’s safe from the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause your photographs to fade in just a few years. If there’s no other option, you can either buy a special filter to protect the image or just hang a copy on the wall and keep the original safely stored.

If you’re into scrapbooking, be highly selective. Most photo albums should be avoided like the plague. Even some materials marketed as ‘archival’ contain acids, adhesives, rubbers or other materials that will eventually destroy your photos.

If preservation is more important than presentation, consider storing your photographs in special envelopes, safe plastic sleeves or an enameled-steel storage cabinet. Those treasures are worth the effort and expense.

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