Unique Father’s Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

fathersday 295x300 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Father’s day is coming up on June 20th—are you racking your brain trying to figure out what to get dad for the big day?

Well, don’t sweat it, you have plenty of time! To help you get some great Father’s Day gift ideas for photography-loving dads, we pulled together some options for you to consider.

This year, instead of a tie or cologne, give Dad a personalized photo gift and make it a holiday to remember. Surprise him with his lifetime of pictures digitized at ScanMyPhotos.com


ScanMyPhotos Gift CertificateScanMyPhotos.com E-Gift Card-Certificates are now available

The perfect gift so others can have their lifetime of photo memories digitally saved. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

Give an instant gift

fathersday2 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures You choose the amount from $25 to $500. Each is redeemable for our entire menu of online photo scanning services and products.


It takes a minute to order online and your recipients instantly receive an online secured access code and gift message from you via email.

Fathersday1 300x200 - Unique Father's Day Tech Gift To Digitize Pictures

Any questions, use our free Live Support help desk at ScanMyPhotos.com. Your recipients also have access to our free Live Support help desk. Remember, all photo scanning orders are completed and mailed back the same day.

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Free Photo Scanning Vax Incentive by ScanMyPhotos.com is Designed For Safe Family Reunions.


logosmpNEW 300x135 - Free Photo Scanning Vax Incentive by ScanMyPhotos.com is Designed For Safe Family Reunions.

As content providers for family reunions, we understand that your legacy of nostalgic photographs is the centerpiece for displaying your history. We added free scanning in response to President Biden’s call for a “National Month of Action.”

As we get back to post-pandemic normalcy, family reunions are returning. What is missing are your archives of past family adventures, celebrations, and history.

UPDATE: Yahoo! News by Alexander Nazaryan (National Correspondent): “ScanMyPhotos.com, which offered free photo scanning services for people who got vaccinated.” CLICK TO READ.

The company that provides all the photo content for family reunions announces free photo scanning to encourage people to get vaccinated to get back to post-pandemic normalcy.

Free Photo ScanningLove Free Stuff? To incentivize the nation to get vaccinated before showing up at family gatherings, ScanMyPhotos.com, the company that digitized 600 million pictures, is giving away free photo scanning.

“The Summer of 2021 promises to be the largest family reunion gathering ever,” said Mitch Goldstone, CEO at ScanMyPhotos.com. “This inoculation perk is a nudge to have safe reunions and get thousands of pictures digitized before reunions. Unlike free donuts or beer, the free photo scanning incentive will be cherished and become a storytelling heirloom for families.

This past year of grief and emotional heartbreak included a staggering number. Forty percent of all photo scanning orders at ScanMyPhotos.com were from grieving families preparing for online Zoom memorials. The encouraging news is now 70% of all digitization projects are from people readying for summertime reunions to show off their pictorial history.

INSTANT ORDERING (Enter “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout).

“We used our creativity to draw attention to, bolster vaccination rates, and help get back to normal times. Free photo scanning to digitize pictures will be a focal point at reunions to narrate and share history.

No documentation is needed. An easier way to prove you were vaccinated is don’t risk getting disinherited. If you take advantage of our free photo scanning offer, then show up at your reunion unvaccinated, you’ll be the outlaw and likely be the disowned outcast.


Use this link to order free photo scanning. At the checkout, use this promo code: “FreeScanning” promo code to save $170 instantly. The social media scanning includes free social media resolution scanning of about 1,800 pictures with two-way free delivery of up to five boxes to fill with snapshots.

Before you can send out the invitations, the priority is to make sure all guests are vaccinated. To help, ScanMyPhotos.com announced FREE PHOTO SCANNING*.with free delivery.

Start by saving $170 to have about 1,800 pictures scanned at social media resolution then choose from our entire menu of add-on services to enhance your order.

You must enter “FreeScanning” promo code at checkout to activate.

WHY WE DESIGNED FREE PHOTO SCANNING: We donated free scanning to help families affected by the pandemic. 40% of all orders were from grieving families preparing for Zoom memorial. Now, 70% are for reunions. But everyone needs to be vaccinated before planning and gathering for summertime reunions.

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Gifts to Help Senior’s Downsize and Unclutter their Homes

party3 300x169 - Gifts to Help Senior's Downsize and Unclutter their HomesWhat to get older relatives to help them downsize

This article shares smart tips for helping seniors who are in the process of uncluttering and downsizing. What to get them to help is the subject of this syndicated Creators “Senior Life” feature profile. Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

For decades of photographs, how to help digitize all those nostalgic memories included a ScanMyPhotos mention.

Click to read

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How to Create a Video or Photo Slideshow — AARP

The top question we get at ScanMyPhotos.com after pictures are digitized is what next, how to create video and photo slideshows from the scanned pictures?

Thanks to tech journalist, Marc Saltzman, he shares all the best solutions in this AARP primer.


These apps make it easy to make keepsake mini-movies

Unlike physical slides clunking through carousels of old, these digital shows can play almost like mini-movies, with images that segue smoothly from one to the next and options to add music, narration and visual effects. They can make for magical viewing that evokes emotions and tells a story, too — say, showing your grandchildren growing from babies to kids to young adults.

Making a slideshow is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestone events, and to honor relatives and friends at funerals and memorials, whether in-person or virtual. A host of apps available for Windows, Apple and Android devices makes it easier than you might think — a couple even create the slideshow for you!

Before you begin

Paper photos

Digital images

Choosing a slideshow app

From AARP:

Steps to creating the slideshow

Unless the app does all the work for you, the process for creating a slideshow is generally similar across most programs.

1. Start a new project and import your photos or video clips.

2. Drag and drop to arrange them in the desired order across a visible timeline.

3. Edit your media. If you need to, say, crop or rotate photos or trim video clips, tap them in the timeline to launch editing tools.

4. Add special effects or filters, if you like. For example, you could turn photos into vintage-looking black-and-white or sepia-tone images, or go for a “Ken Burns effect” (a slow camera pan across a static image).

5. Select how long each photo will be displayed in the slideshow and how each will transition to the next, for example, a dissolve or swipe to the right.

6. Choose music to play during the slideshow. If the app doesn’t do it already, select to fade in and fade out the song (or songs) at the desired points.

7. Add on-screen titles or captions, if desired. You might want viewers to know the names of people in images, for example, or where and when they were captured. Some apps also let you add narration, using the microphone in your device.

8. Save your finished slideshow and follow the app’s instructions to “export” (convert) it to a common video format like .mp4 or .mov. That makes it sharable and playable on most devices.

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ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning

Here is the latest news profile on one cent photo scanning. Click here to view online.

ScanMyPhotos Digital

Excerpt reposted from the original article written by Gary Pageau, Dead Pixel Society:

onecentNEW 300x200 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo ScanningLongtime photo industry entrepreneur Mitch Goldstone knows the value of PR and publicity. Whether it was starting out as a one-hour processing lab and boutique photo store in Irvine, Calif., and later pivoting to bulk photo digitization services, Goldstone has been able to gain national attention from influencers like David Pogue, Jefferson Graham, and even OprahThe New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and many other national media profiles have reported on ScanMyPhotos. Martha Stewart just profiled us in “Martha Stewart Living.”

In fact, it was a mention on the Oprah Magazine website that kicked off the concept. Citing the “Oprah Effect” – where enormous attention is paid to small businesses mentioned by the superstar – Goldstone decided to try the one-penny per scan offer after more than 3,700 people took tried the initial 1-cent promo. Of course, there are caveats: The scans are “72-dpi “social media” quality, with higher-quality scans available for an upcharge. Other add-on services include same-day scanning and instant uploading. “Same-day scanning and instant uploading” means the same day the order is received, it is scanned and uploaded.

IMG 1552 300x143 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning

All New: Photo Scanning For One Cent From ScanMyPhotos. CLICK for Instant Ordering

onecentpicture 300x146 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning





scanguy4 300x94 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning

“We beta tested this to refine the process,” says Goldstone. “It took five or six weeks. The average order now is 4,800 photos, whereas before, the number was a fraction of that. That means, with pricing that low, people can finally digitize all of their photos.

IMG 9652 300x187 - ScanMyPhotos Scores With Penny-Photo Scanning “The number one question we get is, ‘what’s the catch?’” he adds. “We have gotten nothing but positive responses. We have people sending 4,000, 5,000, 7,000 photos (7,000 photos cost as low as $70). The hope is they engage and share. The lesson for everyone is to cut prices and use the goodwill you get from it as advertising.

ScanMyPhotos does no advertising. I’ve had people ask about an affiliate program, and I respond, ‘How do you do an affiliate program when you charge a penny?’”

As a promotional opportunity, Goldstone says this is the most significant promotion since David Pogue featured ScanMyPhotos in the New York Times. “That put us on the map,” he says.

“The whole point of business today is to dazzle customers so they tell the world,” explains Goldstone. “I did Facebook and Google ads years ago, and it was like a drain. No matter what budget I put into it, the money just disappeared.”


Goldstone says he was inspired to try the promo based on what he saw Google Photos doing (offering free low-resolution storage and paid high-resolution storage) and through customer feedback. Eighty percent of customers are using their scanned images on social media sites, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, where high resolution is not necessary.

The next innovation popular with customers is the same-day scanning service. “There is no reason for people to wait months to get their photos back, with today’s technology and efficiency,” says Goldstone, noting return shipping can be done on a budget, too. If the customer’s photos are scanned and uploaded right away, they aren’t in a hurry to get their prints back.”

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Best Way To Share Pictures: Expectations vs. Reality

The Next Big Thing in What’s The Best Photo Sharing Apps. After Digitizing Pictures, Then What?

The first challenge is to digitize your library of nostalgic photos. Afterward, the top question we get at ScanMyPhotos, is what next? How to share and post online to connect with others?

Why this matters. Social media apps are an important way to connect with everyone and are fun. This list of the most popular photo-sharing apps is the answer to make photography special, especially for sharing your archive of decades-past pictures.

Instagram and the other apps for sharing photos

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Martha Stewart Recommends ScanMyPhotos For Digitizing Pictures

The popular “Ask Martha” column in Martha Stewart Living (page 48, May 2021), with a readership of about 7 million, has a profile on the top recommendations for scanning your pictures.


Three Instant Ways to Digitize All of Your Photographs


Chances are you’ve thought about bringing your old paper photos into the digital age—and that would be a good idea. If your spring cleaning surfaced a trove of precious pictures, digitize them for safekeeping and single-click sharing. Once digitized, these photographs will no longer fade over time in scrapbook albums, boxes, or dusty frames. Instead, they can be organized and easily searched for on a device or in an online cloud, and you can share them with friends and family over social media. They can even be downloaded for memory-keeping projects and personalized handmade gifts. It’s not as laborious as it sounds—and you have options. Here’s a snap-shot from Living photo director Ryan Mesina.


The Easy Outsource


Send a batch to ScanMyPhotos.com in a prepaid box. Use this service and you’ll get a download link within a couple of days, and the originals back within three weeks (from $170 for up to about 1,800 photos, scanmyphotos.com).

martha with red circle 242x300 - Martha Stewart Recommends ScanMyPhotos For Digitizing Pictures

mslcoverart 175x300 - Martha Stewart Recommends ScanMyPhotos For Digitizing Pictures

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How to Share Pictures at Family Reunions

Photography: Family Reunion Tip. Best ideas for celebrating family reunions with pictures.

When extended families safely gather together again this summer–from grandparents to siblings and first cousins–the convergence of multi-generational ancestors is made extra memorable when everyone shares pictures. Not just those recent activities stored on mobile devices, but also generations of analog photo snapshots, 35mm slides, and negatives from yesteryear. This helps build a legacy of storytelling to unite families on a genealogical tour to recall ancestors and the whole family’s history.

APS Negative Scanning 35 MM Negative Scanning Prepaid Photo Scanning Box Family Generation Collection Pay-Per-Scan Photo Scan Service Prepaid Slide Scanning Box

Photo Tip: Ask Guests to Share Decades-Past Scanned Pictures

Family Reunion Ideas That’ll Help You Celebrate Together in 2021. You’ve got the casseroles. Let us bring the festivities. [SOURCE: Southern Living].


1) SCAN. Start by asking each family member to gather all their photographs and have each one digitized. There are several easy ways to affordably digitize pictures, from the ScanMyPhotos.com pay-per-scan option to its popular fill-the-box services to scan about 1,800 pictures, and the much larger Family Generations Collection, where more than 10,000 photos are digitized with free shipping and completed in days.

Family viewing photos on TV


2) NARRATE AND RECORD. At the reunion, gather together in front of a large television and sync to the photo files. Set up a camcorder in the rear of the room to record the narratives, as each person shares the stories behind the picture. This is always emotional, and filled with laughter and even weeping chronicles of past events and remembrances from deceased relatives. Provide all the attendees with a copy of the recorded walk down the genealogical path to preserve your family’s timeline.

Family Reunion Tips:

From The Photo Detective Podcast

We saw these wonderful questions by RootsTech to engage and help identify your family history. Provided by Maegan Kasteler:

This list of RootsTech questions should be thought provoking and open-ended. Be cautious, however, that you don’t get too attached to your questions. Let the conversation ebb and flow as naturally as possible.


IMG 1237 970x665 - How to Share Pictures at Family Reunions

To give you a jumpstart compiling your own list of questions, here is our curated list of suggested questions:

  1. What do you know about the day you were born?
  2. What was it like living where you grew up?
  3. What weekly rituals or traditions did your family have?
  4. What chores, if any, did you have around the home growing up?
  5. What was your schooling like?
  6. What would you and your friends do to have fun?
  7. What was dating like when you were young?
  8. What was it like living (where your relative lived) during (historic events, such as war, 9/11/2001, a specific political event, a natural disaster, and so on)?
  9. How did your family resolve familial conflicts?
  10. Were you ever involved in any accidents? What happened?
  11. Where was your first job, and what did you do?
  12. What were your hobbies? Is there anything you picked up when you were young that you still enjoy today?
  13. Did your family have any pets? What kind? How many? What were their names?
  14. How and when did you meet your significant other?
  15. What was your wedding day like?
  16. Do you remember any weird or crazy or wonderful gifts you received at your wedding?
  17. When did you know you wanted to have kids?
  18. How did you find out from or tell your significant other that you were going to be parents?
  19. What was early married life like? What struggles did you face?
  20. Have you been on any memorable vacations? Where did you go? What made them so memorable?

For a wealth of photo digitizing tips, visit ScanMyPhotos.com

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