From Our First Time Seeing a Drone at CES to TIME Magazine’s Cover

It was like magic the first time we saw a flying consumer drone

cesbanner 300x225 - From Our First Time Seeing a Drone at CES to TIME Magazine's CoverIt is hard to believe that it was just 8 years ago when during our annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas each January for CES, we encountered huge lines, lots of buzz and disbelief when behind cordoned-off netting were these flying devices.

The first consumer drones began with just a few manufacturers, then over time, CES seemed like a total drone convention.

Back in 2010, the Parrot AR Drone was unveiled as the top innovation and a true spectacle.

drone2cesnet 300x225 - From Our First Time Seeing a Drone at CES to TIME Magazine's Cover

Fast forward to today and TIME Magazine’s Special Report: The Drone Age. We have long followed and are always inspired by Alex Fitzpatrick, Deputy Director of News at TIME Magazine, but this cover story is extra, extra extraordinary and a must read.

If you though the Intel Synchronized Drone light show in the sky at the Super Ball Halftime Show, or during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, or even above the Iconic Fountains of Bellagio with the Intel Shooting Star Drones to light up the sky to the song “Stargazing” by artist Kygo was amazing. Just wait for this. The cover of TIME Magazine has a very bright and big reveal.

Back in 2010 at CES, drones were pure science fiction, Alex Fitzpatrick’s TIME cover story (June 2018) boasts an in-depth story and primer on everything related to drones and how they flew from fantasy to a top tech innovation for the ages.

Fifty years ago, two middle-aged engineers quit their jobs to start a new company called Intel. David Pogue explores how Gordon Moore and Bob Noyce (co-inventor of the integrated circuit) established a Silicon Valley giant ushered in an era of fast, cheap, ubiquitous electronics, and which is still breaking new ground. Via CBS Sunday Morning

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Instant Uploading of Your Scanned Photos

Instant Uploading of Your Scanned Photos

See Your Photos Immediately After Scanning. Have your scanned photos uploaded to your email the same day t is digitized by

upload 300x200 - Instant Uploading of Your Scanned PhotosThe same day your photos are scanned, you can add Instant Uploading to view your jpeg digital images online. Click here for detail


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Memorial Day: Remember Our Military Family With Photos

Military Photo Memorial Day

The author’s grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day, late 1930s, Missouri

By Vanessa Mallory Kotz


I come from a military family, all Air Force, four generations worth. My grandfather, William Mallory, made a lifetime career of it. I don’t remember him talking about his rank or daily tasks, but I’ll never forget the stories he told of taking over as pilot on some missions because his brothers in arms had partied a little too hard the night before. It was their little secret. His buddies knew they could always rely on Bill to complete the mission and bring them home safe. He served during WWII in Paris. As a child, I was told his job was to help free the Jews and all people oppressed by Hitler, a very bad man. Only as an adult do I understand what that meant, and I do so with pride.



Both his sons served during the Vietnam War, enlisting as soon as they were old enough. My uncle was older and sent to the front lines where he worked as an aircraft mechanic. During a raid at the air field a Vietnamese man rushed him, and my uncle was forced to shoot to save his own life. When he looked at the lifeless body of his would-be-assassin, he realized it was his barber from the village. A man he was friendly with and fond of. It was his only kill. Well into his 70s, my uncle still dreams about this man. He’s sure that the Vietnamese solider didn’t recognize him in the heat of battle. So the story goes.

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5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

grad with blooms 200x300 - 5 Ways to Make Graduation Photos Special

Graduation is one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and photos of this moment remain uniquely untainted. Looking at them years from now, only pride and a sense of accomplishment will last the distance of time.


Unlike weddings, family reunions or photos with your college girlfriends where divorce, family conflict and that time your roommate hooked up with your boyfriend leap to mind with one scroll through your album, graduation photos are forever happy. These days, grads are coming up with creative ways to capture the moment.

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How to Put Together a 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Book

Using Photo Books to Chronicle a Lifetime of Family Memories

ScanMyPhotos customers send us boxes of family memories for photo scanning every day for numerous reasons, and we have been noticing a trend lately: More and more people are creating photo books to mark special occasions.

Mary with her parents in 1968.

Mary with her parents in 1968.

One of those customers is Mary Mitchell, who put together a 50th wedding anniversary album for her parents to chronicle their many happy years together. Unlike creating a photo book out of already-digital photos, Mary had to first get hundreds of photos digitized. Talk about a big project!

Of course, it was also a fun project. As Mary told me over the phone, “There was a trip that my parents took my brother and me on – I was 12 and he was 8 – to the Bahamas. Back then, it was the height of sophistication and elegance. Just looking at how young my parents looked – it was like holy cow, I can’t believe it was that long ago!”

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How to Professionally Scan 35mm Slides

The Definitive Guide: How to Scan 35mm Slides — Pictures store a vault of history that must be preserved.

slide 300x200 - How to Professionally Scan 35mm SlidesStart enjoying the many happy memories captured on your family’s old slides by professionally converting them to a digital format that you can share with everyone. Choose from our Standard or Premium Scanning slide services.

Standard Scanning – Save money on our most popular slide 35mm hand scanning service, without color adjustments, 20% discount on the premium scanning. To reduce dust and service scratches, most slides are scanned using Kodak’s Digital ICE Technology.

Premium Scanning – Our professional technician’s hand scan each slide and carefully adjust the images to achieve the optimum color and density, ensuring each image is at its best. To reduce dust and service scratches, most slides are scanned using Kodak’s Digital ICE Technology.

Our technician’s professionally hand- scan each slide.  To reduce dust and surface scratches, most slides are scanned using Kodak’s Digital ICE technology. Your slides are carefully scanned by hand into 2,000 or 4,000 dpi JPEG files and saved on top-quality 80-year archival DVDs, flash drives or instantly uploaded to you.

Because so many want to know more about the process to digitize their 35mm slides, this past TV news segment showcases a special behind-the-scenes tour.  Enjoy.

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For details to get your photo scanning project to preserve those decades-past 35mm slides professionally scanned, please click here.

Lost artwork from LA’s history has been discovered in the basement of the oldest television station west of the Mississippi River, KTLA Television Channel 5 in Los Angeles (KTLA-TV-CH5-LA).

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Help Celebrate “Older Americans Month” #OlderAmericansMonth

May is Older Americans Month, what is it and why you should get involved

May is Older Americans Month“As human beings, we value the experience that comes with age. We are reminded over and over again with statements like ‘older and wiser’ and ‘respect your elders,’ promoting age as something to be cherished and respected.” – Jenna Morasca

As we observe “Older Americans Month” this May, we encourage everyone to honor the seniors/elderly in our lives. Older Americans are the closest thing we have to time travel—they are the eyes and ears of our country’s past and can help us re-live days long gone. We can also continue to honor them by helping them preserve precious memories and photos.  Use social media to hashtag #OlderAmericansMonth, give seniors a hug, and your time. Listen to their life stories and celebrate them.  Visit a senior center today.


Read their stories and the power of family photos to nostalgically revisit a family’s history.

When it comes to the health risks posed by summer heat, seniors are the most vulnerable — a mere 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature increases death rates in the elderly with a chronic health condition. Details from

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How to Avoid False Alarms Infographic



A ScanMyPhotos e-gift certificate will enable the seniors in your life to digitize their analog memories to pass down to future generations. Learn more.




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