Have Tens of Thousands of Photos to Scan? ScanMyPhotos Enterprise Bulk Scanning for Business Has You Covered!

Stack of photos, bulk scanningSafeguarding the Past: Planning for a Company’s Future Digtal Archives

As an individual, you accumulate thousands of family photos over the years, snapping pictures of milestones and events, big and small. As our customers regularly tell us, it’s such a relief to have them scanned and saved digitally for future generations.
Well, large companies and organizations have the very same need.

They have their own stories, events, and milestones to preserve and share, but their photo collections include tens or hundreds of thousands of photos, 35mm slides and film negatives fading away from the ravages of time.. If you fall into that category, good news: We created our newest service, ScanMyPhotos.com Enterprise Bulk Scanning for Business, just for you.

This lost artwork (video from KTLA below) from Los Angeles’ history–discovered in the basement of the oldest television station west of the Mississippi River, KTLA Television Channel 5, is but one example of the importance of digitally preserving your archives.

From the entertainment industry to motion picture studios, from celebrities to multinational businesses, from government municipalities to academic institutions, many have tens or hundreds of thousands of photographs, 35mm slides and film negatives to digitally archive. We are here to help.

ScanMyPhotos has preserved more than 600 million photos at our Irvine, California headquarters since 1990. Your photos are carefully handled by professionals, all with a deep commitment to providing top-notch service and protecting your privacy.
The best part, though, is the hands-on service you will receive. As an Enterprise customer, you will be assigned a customer experience concierge expert to assist with your large digitization project. Shortly after you place an order, your concierge will be in touch to answer any questions, guide you through the process, and offer advice to ensure we meet your goals.

Now for the details: Enterprise Bulk Scanning for Business has a 10,000 scanning minimum for photos, 6,000 minimum for 35mm slides, and 5,000 minimum for 35mm negatives. All Enterprise level orders receive free FedEx Ground return shipping with signature confirmation. Turnaround time is typically 5-10 business days for photo scanning. Instant uploading, the same day we digitize your work is available, too. Negative and slide scanning is based on the specifics of your order; your concierge will determine the turnaround time.

Free shipping includes your returned digital media. If you want your pictures returned too, it’s $19.95 extra per box.scanning.

Developing an archival program can be a daunting task. As your personal digital archivists to preserve your historically significant collections of photos, we are here to help and do all the digitization work for you.

A giant thank you to Vince Cestone and KRON4’s Technology Reporter Gabe Slate for inspiring the nation to revisit and digitize their decades-past family photos for today’s all-digital world. Gabe’s tech stories help improve your life and this one relates to every person stockpiling generations of photographs — fading away from the ravages of time.

Excerpt: Most of us have gone completely digital with our pictures, storing them now on our computer or in the cloud. So, what do you do with all those old printed photos piled in boxes or living in analog photo albums? KRON4’s Tech Reporter Gabe Slate shows you online services that let you quickly get those old pics turned digital in an easy and affordable way.


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