Reviews On The New Layout From Instagram App

4 - Edit_iOS-022515A few weeks ago, Instagram shared an exciting announcement with iPhone users: the launch of their new Layout from Instgram app.


Now that the dust has settled from the original announcement, we wanted to find out if this new app has been living up to the hype.


The reviews we’ve uncovered so far have been mostly positive. For anyone who may be interested in downloading the Layout from Instagram app, we pulled together a list of some of the best reviews we’ve seen to give you a better idea of what to expect.


iTunes Customer Reviews


Excellent App for its purpose. Been playing around with this app since it was released and so far I haven’t come across anything I could say is a downside. I love that you don’t need Instagram to use the app or get use of the app. It runs smooth, hasn’t been a bane on battery life with all the pic snapping I have done. I love photobooth mode, very intuitive…EXCELLENT job Instagram team. You nailed it.” –Gwill80

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CNET Outsourcing Photo Scanning Story

Sharon Profis @SharonProfis and Jason Cipriani @MrCippy from CNET published this story on how to “scan and archive your old printed photos,” which includes a section on outsourcing photo digitization.




Outsource the work to someone else

If all of this sounds like one giant headache, consider outsourcing your photo scanning to a professional, paid service. For example, scans, crops, edits, and archives your photos starting at $.16 a piece, depending on the scan quality you choose. Alternatively, the company can send you a box that you fill up and they scan for a flat rate of $145. According to ScanMyPhotos, it typically hold 1,800 photos.

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