Creative Valentine’s Day Photo Gift Ideas To Give Loved Ones

Wall with pictures and garland hanging on clotheslineFebruary 14th is just a few days away. If you’re running out of Valentine’s Day gift options, or if you want to add some extra points to the gift you did buy, we have a few ideas for you to use. And, of course, our gift ideas center around using photos of your loved ones!


So, round up some good pics of you, your significant other, and your friends and family, and use them to create one of the following touching gifts.


1: Design a Photo Book Dedicated to Loving Memories


Creating a book of memories is a great way to make your loved ones feel special. Check out our recent article on some photo book options and services to try out.

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Observing Black History Month: A New Hashtag, Antique Photos, and Heroic Stories

1024px-Lyndon_Johnson_and_Martin_Luther_King,_Jr._-_Voting_Rights_ActA new social media trend happened over this past weekend and it’s filling Twitter and Tumblr with antique and vintage photos of real-life Black History.


If you search #HistoricPOC (which stands for Historic People of Color), your newsfeed will fill with photos of African American families captured in time.


“This hashtag just kicked off Black History Month like never before,” @Quartz tweeted—and they couldn’t have put it better. This is one of the best ways to see Black History unfold, as told by the families who lived it firsthand.


Scrolling through the newsfeed, you’ll see tales of courage and strength emerge and catch glimpses into the private lives of families and friends.

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