5 Photo Book Sites for Illustrating Your Memories

Couple Looking At Photo AlbumLooking for a touching gift to give? Need a unique way to document your family’s history? Or maybe you’re ready to compile all those summer vacation pics into one happy story? Then you, my friend, are in need of a good photo book service!


Photo books are a phenomenal way to store, access, and enjoy your photos and memories. You can create a photo book for just about any event you can imagine—be it  wedding ceremony, sporting event, traveling adventures, all of baby’s firsts, anything!


Ready to illustrate your memories into a beautiful story? Check out these photo book sites for inspiration.


1: Picaboo (Print only)


Picaboo offers an array of photo books options, but the reason we had to include them in our list is their Premium Mini Book option. These pocket-sized books are perfect for keeping a collection of memories with you wherever they go.


2: MixBook (Print only)


Not sure which theme or event you want to create for your photo book? MixBook offers templates by type/category with plenty to choose from. They also make it easy for you to insert photos from social media pages, as well as from your desktop.


3: MyPublisher (Print only)


This company’s book builder is quick, easy-to-use, and offers a range of sizes, prices, paper, and cover options to choose from. The drag-and-drop feature makes it a snap to import your pictures and lay them out according to your style.


4: Blurb (Print and digital)


Similar to MyPublisher, Blurb offers an easy-to-use layout program to set up your photo book as you’d like. The cool thing about Blurb is that they offer e-book versions too. You can create a print book for the loved ones who would treasure a physical copy and then email the e-book versions to those who love all things digital.


5: iBooks Author (Digital only)


Though typically used to create textbooks, this Mac-only software is a free and easy way to create e-books of any kind—especially photo books. You can also sell your interactive e-book through the Apple iBookstore if you so choose (which is a great option for anyone documenting genealogy or family history).


TIP: Mix old photos in with the new! Whichever photo book theme you make, sprinkle in scanned photos to blend “back in the day” photos with pics that were recently taken. For example, a nice touch for a wedding photo book would be to include a scanned photo of the bride and groom’s parents on their wedding days as a touching tribute.