7 Reasons One ScanMyPhotos Customer Loves Us

Katie Colon family fishing

Katie Colon’s family fishing during one of their many camping trips

How many family photos do you have scattered among photo albums, shoe boxes, storage boxes, and random envelopes? If you’re anything like most of our customers, that answer is, “A lot!”


Let me ask you one more question: Do you want to do a better job organizing and sharing those photos? Well, ScanMyPhotos customer Katie Colon was in the same boat as you until she used our photo scanning service to preserve 1,000 family photos.


During a recent phone conversation from her home in St. Paul, MN, Katie shared the 7 reasons she loved working with ScanMyPhotos:


1. The price!


2. The convenience


I had been scanning photos, and it was super time consuming. It was wonderful to suddenly have a thousand pictures scanned that I didn’t have to do myself.


3. The reviews were spot-on


I did research reviews of different photo scanning places because I wanted to make sure ScanMyPhotos would be a good option – and I was really impressed by the reviews I saw.

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Have You Heard About the Disneyland Photo Contest?

Mickey Mouse ears

Next spring, Disneyland turns 60, and as part of the big anniversary celebration, they are holding a photo contest.


Share your favorite memories with photos taken throughout the Disneyland Decades – 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000 to the present – for a chance to win a special Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration prize or the grand prize: a trip to Disneyland Resort to kick off the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration!



The Disneyland photo contest kicked off on July 17 and ends on August 27. Each week, they’re looking for your special photo memories from a specific decade, but you can share photos from any decade at any time. To enter, post your photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Disneyland60Contest. Be sure to include the decade when the photo was taken!


Of course, if you’ve had your photos scanned by ScanMyPhotos, submitting a photo will be easy (and make for some really fun #tbt’s!). If you haven’t yet gotten your photos scanned, what are you waiting for? Send them to us today!

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