Welcome to Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference! (#140conf)

The 140 Characters Conference: Los Angeles will be taking place on October 4th and 5th at theThe Music Box.

Since the launch of the #140conf events, conferences have taken place in: New York City, Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv. At these events we have explored the effects of twitter on a wide range of topics including: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising, Politics, Fashion, Real Estate, Music, Education, Public Safety and Public Diplomacy.

At this year’s #140conf: LA event, the conference schedule reflects the voices of the community who has supported this event during the past year.

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The #140conf events provide a platform for the worldwide twitter community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business

Current List of Speakers:

Aaron Ray (@redbaron1200s) – Partner & Head of Digital, The Collective
Adam Bell (@datatv) – Web Design and Branding with an attitude!

Adam Rifkin (@AdamRifkin) – Writer / Director, LOOK

Adam Zbar (@Tap11) – CEO, Tap11

Ali Cobrin (@AliCobrin) – Actress

Alison Kramer (@nummiesbras) – Owner of Nummies Nursing Bras

Andrew Lih (@fuzheado) – Author of The Wikipedia Revolution; journalism prof, dir of new media at USC Annenberg; China tech commentator; tech reviews for NBC Los Angeles

Andy Grammer (@andygrammer) – Music Artist

Angela Shelton (@angelashelton) – Performer Writer Storyteller Filmmaker Teacher Artist
Aparna Vashisht-Rota (@ApsatParentella)

Barry Schuler (@BSchuler) – former CEO of AOL, Ex Producer of LOOK

Bob Watson (@TopBrokerOC) – Real Estate Agent, founder – #smmoc

Brad Wyman (@bradwyman) – Producer, LOOK

Brittany Laughlin (@bLocks8) – Co-Founder, Gtrot

Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) – I’m a former showbiz guy who writes a dad’s column, A Dad’s Point-of-View and hosts a radio show on KZSB AM1290.

Carlos R Hernandez (@CarlosHernandez) – Social media educator & co-creator of Social Media for the Uncomfortable

Carmen Elena Mitchell (@therealgirls) – Creator, “The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else” Web Series

Cathy Brooks (@CathyBrooks) – Strategic Communications Coach

Cathy Dahn (@GastronomyBlog) – Food Blogger

Cathy DeBuono (@cathydebuono) – Actress, Producer, Psychotherapist

Chamillionaire (@chamillionaire) – Artist

Christopher Boucher (@princeboucher)

Ciaran Blumenfeld (@momfluential) – Owner Francie Pants & Producer Momfluential Media

Clinton Schaff (@clintschaff) – New Media Director at Roll International (roll.com); USC Online Communities Industry Faculty

Colton Haynes (@ColtonLHaynes) – Actor (LOOK and THE GATES)

Cynthia Lou (@CynthiaAnnLou) – Designer, Writer, Web & Brand Strategist

David Wild (@Wildaboutmusic) – TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor, Huff Po Blogger, author `He Is . . . I Say’

Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline) – Bringing Community to Writers around the World

Dennis Carpenter (@About55) – Founder & CEO, About55

Donna DeDario (@StarlightOnline) – Director of Corporate Partnerships & Communications, Starlight Children’s Foundation

Dr. Greenstein (@DRG) – Chief Brainiac at bodiesinspace.com and Neuroleader/CEO of The GGI

Eric “CandyMan” Nash (@onelovecandyman) – Street Performer: Artist, Dancer, Acto
Eric Weaver (@Weave) – Account Director/Strategist, Tribal DDB

Erik Oberholtzer (@TenderGreens) – Chefs at Tender Greens, garden to table, sustainable cuisine

Evan Seinfeld (@EvanSeinfeldXXX) – ead Singer/Bassist for Biohazard, CEO RockStarPornStar

Fran Marchello (@franalations) – Shoe Connoisseur, Vlogger, Blogger, Part Owner of dTb

Gary Wolf (@agaricus) – Contributing editor, Wired; co-host, Quantified Self

Gerry Campbell (@gfcampbell) – CEO, Collecta

Gram Ponante (@gramponante) – Editor of http://gramponante.com

Greg Johnson – SVP, Executive Creative Director & Head of Digital, William Morris Agency

Hank Wasiak (@hankwasiak) – Author. TV Host. Teacher. Partner – The Concept Farm

Imal Wagner (@imalwagner) – Moderator

Jason Pollock (@Jason_Pollock) – Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist.

Jeff Fowle (@JeffFowle) – Owner-Operator / President, KK Bar Ranch & AgChat Foundation

Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) – founder and curator, #140conf

Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) – Author, Change Agent, South Dakotan, and sometimes Cowboy.

Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) – Kodak’s Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager

Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) – Wife, Mom, Blogger

Jill Bennett (@DailyJill) – Actress, Vlogger

Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez) – founder, Klout

Johanna Blakley (@Mojojohanna) – Arts, entertainment & media researcher based at USC Annenberg School’s Norman Lear Center.

Johnny Diggz (@JohnnyDiggz) – Co-Founder, Voxeo Labs

Jon Lansner (@jonlan) – Columnist/blogger for O.C. Register.

Julie Cole (@juliecole) – VP, Mabel’s Labels

Julie Spira (@JulieSpira) – Online dating expert; Author

Julie Steelman (@JulieSteelman) – Entrepreneur’s Selling Expert.

Kelly O’Neil (@KellyONeil) – author of Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power

Kelly Shibari (@KellyShibari) – CEO, Hourglass8 Media

Kerianne Mellott (@Keri_Mellott) – Founder, www.MarketingMakesMeSmile.com

Kevin Pollak (@kevinpollak) – Actor, Comedian

Kevin Sablan (@ksablan) – Leader of the Orange County Register’s web task force.

Krupali Tejura, M.D. (@krupali)

Leyla Farah (@CausePR) – Founding Partner, Cause+Effect, Inc.

Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul) – former California school administrator, education consultant

Lisa Steadman (@LisaSteadman) – Best selling author, relationship coach, and owner of Woohoo, Inc.

Lori Mackey (@LoriMackey) – author of Money Mama , inventor and speaker

Luke Renner (@firesideint) – Founder & President, Fireside International

Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) – Founder, Invisiblepeople.tv

Melissa Pierce (@melissapierce) – Creator of Life In Perpetual Beta

Michael Bellavia (@animaxent) – President, Animax

Michael Killian (@MichaelJKillian) – Avaya Director of Endpoint Devices

Michele Meiche (@michelemeiche) – Conscious Media Producer, AwakeningsRadio,Writer,Yoga, SoulPath,Meditation, Metaphysics,Spiritualism MysticTech,Poetry PsychicChannel,SpiritualCoach

Michelle Branch (@michellebranch) – Music Artist

Mike Harkey (@mharkey) – Managing Director, ImageShack Corporation

Nastassia Johnson (@manilamachine) – L.A.’s First Filipino Food Truck.

Nelson de Witt (@dewittn) – Chief Story Teller

Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) – American Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Television Personality.

Ori Bengal (@CouchSurfingOri) – Adventurer, Photographer & Author

Owen JJ Stone (@Ohdoctah) – President of Inquiring Mindz Media (IQMZ)

Pete Housley (@petehousley) – CEO, NaughtyTweetNetwork

Phil Hulett (@philhulett) – Co-Host of LA’s Morning News on KFWB, Anaheim Ducks PA Announcer, Voiceover Artist, Co-Founder of KNAC.COM, Internet Marketer

Ray Prock Jr. (@RayLinDairy)

Ree Cee (@colagrand) – President, Urban Supremacy

Rick Bakas (@RickBakas) – Wine, Food, Branding, Dir. of Social Media at @StSupery winery, certified sommelier, author of Quick Bites

Robert Hernandez (@webjournalist) – @USCAnnenberg MacGyvering Web journalism solutions. Worked @ seattletimes.com, SFGate.com, eXaminer.com, La Prensa Gráfica, others. Co-founder of #wjchat.

Robert Moran (@RobertMoranLA) – Cal State Fullerton journalism student. Avid social media user and LA transit rider who HAS AUTISM.

Salvador Duran (@salvadorduran) – correspondent for Univision Network in Los Angeles

Sarah Kay Hoffman (@sarahkayhoffman) – “A digitally-addicted country girl”

Shuki Lehavi (@slehavi) – founder, Gumiyo

Smokey Bear (@smokey_bear) – Only YOU can prevent Wildfires

Sol Lipman (@thesolster) – co-founder, 12Seconds.tv

Stacey Soleil (@staceysoleil) – Moderator; Long time Autism awareness advocate, Mother of 3 & Owner/CEO of Soleil Marketing Services (SMS)

Steve Franklin (@SEF4PRES) – Teacher

Sylvia Martinez (@smartinez) – President of Generation Yes

Tanya Roscorla (@reportertanya) – Education reporter and writer

Tia Dobi (@TiaDobi) – Copywriter

Tim Kring (@TimKring) – Screenwriter and Television Producer

Tina Clark (@KodakEvents) – Interactive Marketing, Kodak

Traci Dinwiddie (@GrooveGoddess) – Actress

Trina Schwimmer (@gamingangel) – CE0 & Founder, GamingAngels.com

Ward Landis (@ShoeWolf) – President. Shoe Wolf

Zac Sanford (@zacsanford) – VP Development, Suntaur Entertainment; #scriptchat