1,000 Free Photo Scans Extended Through November 30th


1,000 Free Photo Scans Through November 30th, 2008

Many businesses are turning to word-of-mouth marketing to invite personal Web page posting to review, share their experiences and influence what the next new-thing will be. According to ScanMyPhotos.com, Facebook, along with Blogger, Flickr and MySpace are the new way to cultivate buzz and excitement.

Social networking sites are the new, smart forum for reaching consumers. When you have a service that demands great word-of-mouth, forums like Facebook cannot be beat for reaching people with passion. “When they love or hate your service they tell the world; it’s critical to always earn everyone’s adoration and loyalty,” said Mitch Goldstone, president & CEO of ScanMyPhotos.com.

1,000 Free Photo Scans by ScanMyPhotos.com Extended Through November 30th for Members of Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Blogger

The photo scanning and digital imaging company recently announced it would scan up to 1,000 pictures without charge (pay just $19.95 for return S&H) for members of these leading social networking sites. The nationwide feedback and buzz has justified this extension for 1,000 free photo scans for these social networking members through September 30th.