Congratulations, David Cook!

Within the last one hour, we have received more than 120 Live Support inquiries about the American Idol results. Our favorite, David Archuleta did not win the competition, but because of the replies being received, has decided to extend the special 1,000 free scanning to all AI viewers anyway.

In fairness, it was a David that won and both were such extraordinary finalists, that the only equitable solution is to award the same 1,000 free photo scans to David Cook fans too. To redeem, just include a copy of this posting with your order and pay just $19.95 for handling your 4×6″ print scanning order. Any questions, click on our 24/7 Live Support at

Pictures and music are tied together. Both have a strong impact on our memories, our youth and inspire weighty emotions. David brought back John Lennon’s musical masterpiece for a new generation and we are bringing back and digitally protecting millions of analog photo snapshot memories with the same emotional impact.
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