Survey: One in Three People Lose or Accidently Delete Digital Pictures

professional - Survey: One in Three People Lose or Accidently Delete Digital Pictures

A recent survey found that one in three 16- to 24-year-olds have lost or accidentally deleted their digital images. The survey, commissioned by CeWe Color, found that 86 percent of people do not print digital pictures, but often leave them on computers, mobile phones or digital cameras to be forgotten, lost or deleted. Digital photos are increasingly being left in storage although the poll found that 48 percent of people prefer to look back on their pictures in print rather than digital format.

Andrew White, internet sales manager, CeWe Color, believes that one of the main reasons why so many digital images are stuck on CDs, USB sticks, and other storage devices is because people do not have a convenient way of turning them in to prints and albums.

“The survey shows that most people prefer prints but because so many of us lead a hectic lifestyle, this often gets overlooked. We tend to think that they’ll be safe indefinitely on a CD or a memory stick, but this isn’t necessarily true and there’s always the real risk that they can be lost, or the media on which they are stored becomes obsolete in the future, with no way to access the photos.”

The survey was commissioned by CeWe Color and conducted by

GfK NOP, which interviewed 1,001 adults aged 16 or older between March 7 and March 9.

[Source, PMA Newsline, April 25]
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