VHS Tapes Degrade Within Ten-Years; How to Digitally Preserve Your Video Memories

Did you know that all your precious VHS home movie tapes are literally decaying?


v2 - VHS Tapes Degrade Within Ten-Years; How to Digitally Preserve Your Video MemoriesMost VHS recorders have been long ago been unplugged; not even the relentlessly flashing “12:00″ clock is working. If you have had a recent look, even your VHS tape cassettes are languishing. Those reels of time along with storage conditions – from temperature, mold, dust and other harmful elements are ruining your priceless videotaped magnetic storage memories.

You now have one option.

As leaders in the photo imaging industry, ScanMyPhotos.com has been preserving photo memories since 1990. We are now on an urgent mission to draw attention to the decade-long life span of VHS tapes. Your wedding, anniversary and other keepsake video memories must be preserved, and fast.

Here is the easiest and most affordable solution to quickly preserve your VHS memories

Click here for information on our prepaid fill-the-box VHS transfer to DVD service. Each box includes all shipping and handling and holds up to 14 standard VHS tapes. Upon receipt, we scan each tape onto its own digital DVD so you can share and watch all your favorite memories.

But, hurry, time is dashing away and there is no easy or economical way to digitally enhance those fading first child’s steps, family holiday reunions from the 70s and 80′s. or Grandma’s 90th birthday party. Once a tape is demagnetized, it is ruined.

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