"Blogger Kudos" from Craig, Editor of GeneaBlogie

Click here to read Craig Manson’s comments about the 2008 Artistry of Genealogy Awards’ receipents. We were especially moved by Mr. Manson’s link and reference to FreedomCalls.Org.

For those unfamiliar with ScanMyPhotos.com and our parent company’s 18-year history of advocacy for important national causes, including Operation Photo – where donated digital cameras were presented to OperationHomeFront.net for distribution to military families across the nation. [DONT SEND CAMERAS, PROGRAM HAS EXPIRED].

Other advocacy campaigns included Fly with Courage, were we traveled from Barcelona to NYC and Los Angeles on Sept 11, 2002, to demonstrate that air travel was safe when the planes were otherwise empty. The largest project was on Veteran’s Day 2001, where we brought 5,000 people to the Big Apple to support commerce and the city’s recovery. Oops, forgot the literally largest project, we are the lead plaintiff’s – representing millions of merchants – battling Visa, MasterCard and the major banks over their fees.