Holiday Photo Tip: Ask Guests to Share Decades-Past Scanned Pictures

How to make your next holiday party a hit!

At, we often hear how customers around the globe enjoy the pictures we scanned for them. One popular and always trending reason is as an icebreaker at holiday parties and family reunions.  Are you planning on hosting an upcoming holiday party, or family reunion?  Well, we have a fun idea that will get all your guests mixing, mingling, and having a grand old time.


Set up a scrolling slideshow featuring decades-past photos of the guests who plan to attend. Ask each guest to submit scanned photo memories from their decades-past childhood and special pictures that share a story.  Great icebreaker tip.


You’ll want to set this up on a large TV or monitor in a location where everyone can easily gather around to watch and chat.


Not only will people love to see themselves on the big screen, but this is also a fantastic way to hear tons of stories as photos always trigger a trip or two down Memory Lane. If you have any old print photos, now’s the time to get them scanned, digitized, and ready to scroll!

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Andy Taylor, @TechTalkRadio Photo Scanning Interview with ScanMyPhotos

Our favorite tech resource for everything on technology, computers and hardware is Andy Taylor’s long running TechtalkRadio. To learn all you need to know about digitizing photos, click here for the interview with



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During the holiday’s we like to reminisce. We like to look back on the past and the way we remember that is with photos. One of the most asked questions is: how do I get these photos into your computer? Listen to this interview to learn more from the TechtalkRadio interview with president & CEO, Mitch Goldstone.





For fans of Andy Taylor host of TechtalkRadio and among the nation’s foremost technologist, mark your calendars for his extensive coverage at the Consumer Technology Association’s January 5-8, 2017, Las Vegas global technology tradeshow, CES®.  #CES2017,


Andy Taylor



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6 Special Ways to Honor and Remember Our Loved Ones this Holiday Season

remember our loved onesToday, November 2, marks the second day of Día de Los Muertos—the Day of the Dead in Mexican culture. This holiday is used to honor and remember loved ones who have passed through celebration. It’s a beautiful, vibrant holiday and one we here at ScanMyPhotos can appreciate.


This time of year, it’s important to keep the memories of our lost loved ones alive throughout the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, etc.—the holidays can be rough for those of us who have experienced loss.


Taking a page from Dia de Los Muertos, we put together the following list of ways we can honor and remember our loved ones this holiday season.


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