Honoring Veteran’s Day With Your Best Memories

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Thank You to All Who Serve: Honoring Veteran’s Day
Honoring Those Who ServeOn Veteran’s Day and every day, we’d like to take this time to thank all veterans for their service. Our country’s foundation was built on the shoulders of the strong men and woman who have served and worked hard to keep our freedom free.


We’d also like to encourage everyone to preserve the legacy of the veterans in their lives. We love seeing our customers’ photos of parents or grandparents in uniform. These are treasured pictures, let’s continue to keep them safe.

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Protecting the Freedom Train
Marines standing guard on the Freedom Train
Two Marines standing guard on the Freedom Train circa 1948 Have a great vintage shot you’d like to see featured here? Share it with us on Facebook!

Photography Tips
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Photography Tip
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Scanned Photos
Snow scenes are full of bright white color. Your camera will see this and will try to turn all the pure white into grey, leaving the resulting photo looking like a portrait of dirty snow. So, you have to trick your camera in order to take an accurate image of the snowy scene.
Sink into some cozy memories! Use scanned photos to create custom pillows that will look great in any room.
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5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Vintage Historic Photos

Vintage Historic Photos

In an era where technology enables us to take 30 selfies in a row just to post the best one, there’s something refreshing about vintage photography. An old photo captured in a spontaneous, unfiltered moment can feel magical-it’s the past coming back to life.

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Are Your Memories Safe? West Coast and Beyond Brace for El Niño

Winter is coming—and this one promises to be hard-hitting.


The West Cost, in particular, is facing a possible El Niño season. It seems as though the effects of El Niño may already be under way with unusual hurricanes, warm ocean temperatures, and an increase in rain fall. For California and coastal regions, the heavy rainfall could mean flash floods and mudslides. For places like Colorado, this could mean harsh winter storms with heavy snowfall.


The predicted below-average temperatures combined with the forecasted above-average perception could spell disaster for residents throughout the southern half of the U.S.


Here at ScanMyPhotos, we’ve been locked onto this developing El Niño story, hoping to gauge the coming intensity and impact. For us, impending storms are serious business.


We’ve heard countless stories about how natural disasters wiped away hundreds of year’s worth of photos, videos, and precious memories. And, as weather man Al Roker said, “Doesn’t even have to be a disaster, you could have a flood in your basement and you’ve lost everything.”

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